China's first oversea UHV transmission project is put into transportation and spread to Brazil electric power

China's first oversea UHV transmission project is put into transportation and spread to Brazil electric power

Original title: China's first oversea UHV transmission project can meet 22 million people's demand for electricity.

Chen Xiaowei Zhang Yuannan, a journalist based in Brazil

Local time on December 21st, the first phase project of Brazil - 800 thousand volt beautiful Santak HVDC joint bid by the national Power Grid Corp and the Brazil state power company (hereinafter referred to as the "first stage") commissioning ceremony held in Brazil Esther Roto station site of Minas gerais. The Secretary General of the presidential palace in Brazil, the special representative of President Moreira Franco, mineral resources and energy minister Fernando Coelho, China ambassador to Brazil Li Jinzhang and the participation of the project on behalf of a total of more than 200 people attended the commissioning ceremony. Franco said in his speech that the project is called "electric power highway" in Brazil. It is a bright card for Bazhong cooperation. Its successful operation will help promote the sustainable development of the two countries' comprehensive strategic partnership and benefit the two peoples.

North Power South transfer, Brazil power grid voltage level to a new step

As the first UHVDC transmission project successfully awarded by the national Power Grid Corp, the first phase is the first delivery project of the second largest hydropower station in Brazil, meoshan hydropower station, which has a capacity of 11 million 230 thousand kilowatts. This north-south "electric highway", across 4 states, 66 across the city, the transportation distance of 2076 km, the transmission capacity of 4 million kilowatts, a total investment amounting to 6 billion reais ($1 about 2 yuan). Since the successful winning of the bid in February 2014, the "first phase" project lasted 44 months, and was completed two months earlier than the time limit stipulated in the agreement. In addition, the two phase of the beautiful mountain project, which is independently invested by the national Power Grid Corp, has been fully started in September this year.

The first phase has been put into commercial operation. It indicates that Brazil has become the second country in the world to have UHVDC transmission technology, and also has solved the Brazilian's "heart disease". Shu Yinbiao, chairman of the national Power Grid Corp, said through a video link on the scene that Brazil has a vast territory, and the distribution of population and energy is not balanced. In the north, the water and electricity resources are rich and the population is scarce, the southeast is densely populated and the electricity is scarce. Therefore, the "north power and the South" has always been the "country's big plan" in Brazil. China's UHVDC transmission technology has large transmission capacity, long transmission distance, low energy loss, flexible control and high reliability. The first phase project will not only transmit the power of 1/3 to the load center of Southeast Brazil, meet the demand of electricity consumption of 22 million people, but also reduce the use of other higher cost and non renewable energy. Coelho told our reporter that the first phase operation of the "Brazil power grid structure optimization" has improved the safety and stability of the Brazil power grid and the reliability of the power supply, so that the voltage level of Brazil power grid has reached a new level.

During the construction period, the first phase also promoted the development of Brazil's local power supply, electrical equipment, raw materials and other upstream and downstream industries, creating more than 30 thousand jobs for the local area. Research on the issue of Brazil Chinese center director Ronnie Rollins said, in the current unemployment rate up to 12.4%, especially the youth unemployment rate has been rising to 29.9%, the Brazilian is really timely assistance to the project.

Fulfilling social responsibility and building a more than 2000 kilometer road

Cai Hongxian, the general manager of Brazil electric power grid, told reporters that in addition to the project itself, "phase I" is still vigorously implementing corporate social responsibility during the project construction. For example, in the backward areas of Amazon rainforest, the local people have asked for more infrastructure. The first phase has built and repaired more than 2000 kilometers of roads and more than 200 bridges for the communities along the two years, which greatly facilitated the local people's travel.

"One phase" even sponsored the chicken farm. Vera Palma Barak Pakistan bath, pola state, community hopes to improve the local chicken, "a" item company and Palma, workers and rural enterprises in capital and Technology Association signed a sponsorship agreement, sent two animal technicians to the Federal University of technology learning, finally in September this year to help the community to build 15 small farms and the 1 farms, with 90 days of production cycle in 4800 chicken breeding, and create 50 direct jobs.

As one of the most serious countries in the malaria epidemic, Brazil has set up a number of public policies to unite various forces against malaria. Therefore, one "made of malaria prevention and control scheme in detail, including the donated 760 items of office equipment, computer equipment, air conditioning, microscope, motorcycle, magnifier, stethoscope, and had a great impact on the prevention education and strengthen the health safety monitoring station plays.

"A period" in Brazil has not yet formally put into production, the local people would like the "for the benefit of one party". Since entering Brazil, the State Grid Brazil company has been selected as the best company in Brazil electric power industry for the two time. It has played an exemplary effect for more foreign companies invested in Brazil.

The EIA remarkable archaeological and "green"

Brazil is one of the strictest countries in the world. "First phase" in the environmental assessment can also be a point of view, as Coelho's eyes "leading the green development of energy demonstration project."

Cai Hongxian said that in the project planning stage, "one phase" has compiled the implementation plan of the social environment protection. In terms of plant protection, seeds, seedlings, fruits, and epiphytic plants including orchids and pineapples in the mainland were recorded and protected in detail, and 1018 of 5177 investigated species were rescued. All species have been classified and quantified, in order to follow along, transplant replant. According to the Brazil forest law, the "first phase" is currently compensating for the planting of 880 hectares of primary plants in the 4 state nature reserves along the line. In terms of animal protection, "phase I" recruited biologists, veterinarians and field ambulance personnel to monitor and investigate the whole line. Finally, 448 species of 4 terrestrial vertebrates were listed. Among them, 11 species were evaluated for the Ministry of environment of Brazil rare animal, such as the maned wolf, leopard, cougar, tapir and anteaters; 6 species of birds is listed by the IUCN as an endangered animal, including yellow, purple and blue macaw parrot EMU etc.. 2973 protection measures were implemented, including 1928 driving measures, 867 rescue measures, 75 trees or bird nest isolation measures.

Site protection and green color counterparts. Through the archaeological excavation of the whole line, the "first phase" found 188 historic archaeological sites. Each archaeological area has been strictly demarcated, isolated and identified, some of which have been excavated in a rescue area, and the expert group has transferred and excavated cultural relics to the corresponding museums.

Li Jinzhang told reporters that, as Brazil's first + 800 thousand volt DC transmission project, "a period" has been highly concerned about the Chinese and Brazil governments and leaders of the two countries, together with the various efforts and wisdom is a person with breadth of vision, UHV leading energy development and "green Chinese scheme" contribution to global success, also "The Belt and Road" initiative and docking development strategy of Brazil opened up the road.

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