Does the "Ministry of national defense" speak not? Cai Yingwen wants the Taiwan army to report the common machine dynamics

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The Global Times reported [] Taiwan's defense ministry 20, just announced "machine sea long training has been normalized, such as the absence of exceptional circumstances, the future is no longer a press release". 21 on the face "Cai Yingwen Department of defense, said to timely disclosure of relevant information.

21, according to Taiwan's United Daily News reported that Cai Yingwen morning visit Taiwan Air Force Operational Command, understand Taiwan recently on the Liberation Army sea situation readiness measures nanjing. Cai Yingwen said that the Taiwan army should continue to strengthen joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, closely monitor the dynamics of the sea and air, and accurately grasp the possible actions of the mainland to prevent low altitude unknown target raids. Relevant information should also be timely disclosed, so that people can feel at ease. Cai Yingwen also said that the mainland to Taiwan in recent years by the "intelligence gathering many invitations" "go abroad" to "three aspects of obtaining intelligence sources, the Taiwan military officers should be required to alert, prevent leaks.

The "Ministry of national defense" has previously announced no more information about the common machine around the island, and many "standing committees" do not agree. The DPP legislator Zhao Tianlin said, although previously someone reminded the defense minister to Heng Mountain headquarters every two or three days "don't run, making unnecessary tension, but not issued a total of around Taiwan machine information, too," Department of defense "take a middle course, keep the readiness, information transparency, not to overreact. Xu Yuren, the Kuomintang "Standing Committee", said that the public will discounted the trust of the authorities without publishing relevant information.

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