A women's Bank in Beijing was robbed of 310 thousand yuan for 10 thousand yuan

A women's Bank in Beijing was robbed of 310 thousand yuan for 10 thousand yuan

Original title: the door of the bank robbed 310 thousand yuan in cash police arrested suspects 36 hours

People's daily Beijing December 22 (reporter Zhao Enze) recently, Fengtai District, Beijing, a bank robbery at the door of the case, the victim, Ms. Wu, 310 thousand yuan cash was robbed. At present, the police arrested the suspect and seized stolen money 30.9 yuan. Police prompted the masses to go to the bank and other financial outlets for a lot of cash access transactions, they should strengthen their awareness of prevention, and try to drive and go together.

According to the victim, Ms. Wu introduced the afternoon alone driving electric bicycles will be ready in 320 thousand yuan of business models on the bank just to the bank door to stop, a man suddenly rushed out of the hands of cash loaded black bag away, the scene scattered 10 thousand yuan, a total of 310 thousand yuan was robbed of cash.

After the case, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately charged the criminal investigation team as the lead network security team, the Fengtai branch and other units to set up a special case group. The members of the task force was unraveling, continuous fighting to carry out case detection, to determine the suspected human appearance characteristics of clothing, the first time the PUC command will suspect human physical characteristics information of global radio broadcast, all front-line police officers to carry out a comprehensive investigation and control work of the suspect found. At the same time, we used the "big data" technology to carry out in-depth research and analysis. Finally, we confirmed that Ma had a major crime. And gradually traced the track of three events in Fangshan District, Hebei, Baoding and Shijiazhuang. In this regard, the project team immediately deployed a capable police force overnight to Shijiazhuang to carry out the capture work.

8:50 on December 21st Xu, the task force in cooperation with the local public security organs, eventually arrested the suspect named Ma, seized the money robbed 30.9 yuan.

Upon review, the suspect in the near Fengtai District xinfade market bank door rob confessed to the crime. According to Ma's account, more than ten thousand yuan was brought to Beijing to do business at the beginning of this year, but it was lost, thinking of robbing a piece of money and returning the money. The discovery of new market, many businesses will be the business section and the bank in the new market near the door of the bank near the teller machine and the Capitol and looking for targets of crime. On the day of the case, he found the owner of a person riding an electric bicycle to the gate of the bank and set the case as the target of the case. When the owner stopped, it rushed out of the hands of the handbag, and fled to the concealed place for a total of 310 thousand yuan. During the period, only eat and drink cost less than one thousand yuan, and have not yet been "profligacy", it was captured by the special case group. At present, the criminal suspect Ma Mou has been detained by the Fengtai branch in accordance with the law.

Thus, in the ad hoc group of all the police's unremitting efforts, the case was successfully solved in only 36 hours. Police in Beijing remind the masses that when they go to a large number of cash access banks or other financial outlets, they should strengthen their awareness of prevention and try to drive and travel together. In addition, the financial institutions should also strengthen the security and prevention and control measures both inside and outside the network.

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