The nail blocking bridge in recent 10 years is 8 horses were building demolitions law (Figure)

The nail blocking bridge in recent 10 years is 8 horses were building demolitions law (Figure)

Original title: "nail households" blocking the bridge crossing the river in recent 10 years, people applauded government demolitions

In December 22nd, the old city of Ziyang province Sichuan Tuojiang bridge bridge the "nail house" was finally removed, the scene of thousands of onlookers applauded.

A bridge is even Tuojiang Ziyang old city traffic hub, is a 6 storey old building block in recent 10 years. The "nail house" truncated 3 lane, two-way 6 Lane Bridge in the narrow have suddenly become a two-way 3 lane, passing vehicles here often blocked.

The relevant person in charge of the Ziyang municipal government introduced that in 2008, the surrounding landscape and traffic transformation were repeatedly handled by the staff. 4 residents put forward excessive or unreasonable demands. A building with incomplete body and 6 staircase bare buildings will be blocked. Nearly 10 years after ineffective communication in June 2016, local courts make administrative decisions, can enforce the "nail households".

10 years of bridge blocking

Cut off traffic "nail house" on the horse

In the past 10 years, the people of Ziyang on the "nail households" constantly criticized, "a building" has become the people of Ziyang in the "landmark" one.

In 2009, Ziyang East New District started construction, become the necessary thoroughfare Ziyang Tuojiang bridge of new and old city. The construction of East Road to Qiaotou road is extended to 6 lanes. However, a undemolished old building completely truncated the 3 lane of the upper bridge, and the surrounding illegal buildings were also set up.

Today, the Ziyang East New District has been built, the old city of Ziyang to the new city, one of the Tuojiang River Bridge is still the most convenient channel. However, a 6 - story building is one of the traffic congestion places on the Tuojiang River at the East Road.

To the nearby residents, it is hard for the residents to keep 8 horses in the nail house, which not only impedes traffic, but also leaves many horse manure on the horse's sidewalk.

The horse every day to walk a horse near the city green, has also repeatedly kicked passers. In February 2017, a 7 year old girl was kicked in a concave head by a horse, making people angry with the "nail building". The horse in the city green illegal raising horse is banned, but 8 horses are still in the "nail house" in feeding.

Court adjudication

Permission to force the dismantling of municipal government organizations to be implemented

Ziyang city administrative law enforcement bureau responsible person, in 2008, developers of the overall style, the traffic here is reformed, including a nail Lin for their own 139 square meters of housing, the thousands of million claims, far more than the statutory standard of compensation. In the end, the demolition work was interrupted.

The two levels of government departments in Ziyang and Yanjiang District failed to communicate with each other for many times. In 2012, the court made the decision of housing demolition, and served the parties. The parties did not initiate legal proceedings within the statutory time limit, nor did they fulfill the obligations decided by the court decision.

In June 2016, the intermediate people's Court of Ziyang made the final decision to enforce the enforcement of the house demolition decisions and enforce the enforcement by the Ziyang Municipal People's government.

Nearly a year of repeated communication is invalid, in December 2017, authorized by Ziyang Municipal People's Government of Ziyang city administrative law enforcement bureau to 4 parties were served with the "enforcement notice", "the demolition of illegal construction, urge the book" "move out of the notice", but 4 households still within the stipulated time limit move.

The housing levy department again verified that there were 4 illegal buildings at the bridge head, 2 of which were illegal construction, and the other 2 were the court ruling who agreed to enforce the demolition.

More than 1000 square meters "nail building" was demolished before the 2018 Spring Festival to open the two-way 6 Lane

Ziyang city administrative law enforcement bureau responsible person, to completely solve the problems left open, city road network, improve the image of the city, the morning of December 22nd, Ziyang City, Yanjiang District, the two levels of government, and the Department of Ziyang City Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the municipal housing and Urban Construction Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city traffic police detachment of the 600 according to the people on the bridge demolition team assembled, ready to carry out demolitions of "nail households".

Ziyang has set up a law to dismantle the leading group according to law and get relevant legal documents related to the administrative litigation law, and affirmed the legality of dismantling the law in terms of entity and procedure. At the same time, guide the 4 villagers to rationally examine their own demands, sign the housing demolition compensation agreement as soon as possible, and actively cooperate with the demolition work according to law.

Through the efforts, the demolition team and the residents of the Dragon reached a demolition agreement, and in December 20th, a resident of the residents of a horse to be moved away. The demolition team has done the ideological work of the tenant, leading the whole tenant to complete the move before the deadline.

In the morning of December 22nd, after the arrival of the demolition team, Lin still persisted in unjustifiable demands. He was very excited and confronted with the demolition work group according to law. The public security organs to persuasion, quickly control the situation, Lin will take away from the scene.

As of December 22nd 4 pm, according to a recent 10 years, Tuojiang bridge covers an area of 1000 square meters "nail house" was razed to the ground, the crowd of people for the masses have to remove action points like".

It is reported that the relevant government departments will immediately start the construction of the urban road of Tuojiang River, and speed up the progress of the project, so as to ensure that the investment will be completed before the lunar new year in 2018, so as to solve the problem of traffic jams.

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