There is no protection for the "walking wire" of the 20 meters high wall of the net aeration students.

There is no protection for the

Original title: network aeration Neijiang many students near 20 meters high wall "walking wire" local start to close

In the evening of December 22nd, a video was hot. The video shows that over more than 10 years old student in Neijiang Zizhong County is over 20 years old. After walking, it walks on a high wall which is nearly 20 meters high and only 40 centimeters wide. 23, Chengdu commercial newspaper client reporters from the local community residents' committee confirmed the matter, and the local government has arranged to close the dangerous wall.

In the video, several students dressed in school uniforms to walk at least four storeys high at the top of the stairs on the walls, the walls are very narrow and does not have any protective walls, is the Tuojiang River, let a person look at some frightened. The video also said the video was taken in December 19th, and the height of the high wall was estimated to be seventeen eight meters high.

23, the video filmed the Zizhong County South Zhen Shui Nan community committees responsible person confirmed that this video is taken in the first international community outside the walls, there is no any protective wall, nearly 20 meters high, 40 cm wide. The person in charge also said that the staircase belongs to the first international community residents and part of the residents outside the community, before they have received any related reflection. After a video of the network, they learned from the residents that this phenomenon had existed before. "It is very close to south central school, the students may be wanderers in the afternoon or after school to play."

Zizhong County Water Town Center School on duty said, the school only primary school, the school gate from the video wall more than 100 meters, the school is the student in the investigation, and will carry out safety education for students.

Whiteleg community committees responsible person also said that at present, the town government and the community has been ordered closed on the corridor walls related to a similar situation, in order to avoid. In addition, the town government also requires the school to strengthen the safety education for students.

Chengdu commercial newspaper client reporter Yao Yongzhong

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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