The first commercial rocket engine of China to complete the test on the spot (Chart)

The first commercial rocket engine of China to complete the test on the spot (Chart)

The afternoon of December 22, 2017, by the Beijing InterSpace Technology Ltd zero one independently developed X series of rocket engine test a success in Jiangxi.

22 p.m. at 4 p.m., the X series rocket engine ignition engine was on time, and the engine was exhausted after 35 seconds. The machine test, the system can work normally, get all the test data; thrust, specific impulse and working time are to meet the design requirements; the engine, tail gas rudder servo system structure, and has withstood the test of the test environment, the successful completion of the task test syllabus.

The success of the power system test, X series of rockets is to ensure that the key to a successful maiden flight, also marks the zero one space has become the first to master the core technology of solid rocket engine of private enterprises. X series of zero one space rocket has completed the rocket body structure, electrical system and design drawings, plans completed in the first half of 2018 the first flight.

X series of space rocket zero one independently developed, with a single stage solid rocket engine, can be used for the core technology of flight test validation, commercial product space access assessment, cutting-edge technology exploration etc.. The engine of this test can be used as the first stage of the small launch vehicle, and it can be used as the power system of the suborbital carrier alone. There are some innovations in technology, and the design ideas of high loading ratio and high pressure are adopted to improve the charge and performance.

Zero one space is first China business license says "carrier rocket and other spacecraft" private enterprise development focus Yu Zhineng small rocket launch, designed to provide cost-effective services for the global commercial satellite, the groundbreaking ceremony in Chongqing to build the space zero one of the first private commercial space intelligent manufacturing base will also be in the first half of 2018, subsequent plans for liquid attitude and orbit control engine test test, please look forward to!

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