Foreign media say the Chinese economy will soon surpass the United States and give specific time points

Foreign media say the Chinese economy will soon surpass the United States and give specific time points

Original title: from the perspective of | foreign media: China economy will soon surpass the United States has been given this time:

Foreign media said, China rise is predicted this seems a trend which cannot be halted, after the United States the world's second largest economy will continue to move forward, and will soon surpass the United states.

According to the December 19th report of the national newspaper of UAE, however, some people strongly urged that we should take a cautious and long-term view when evaluating China's short and medium term development prospects.

"Although China's economy is second, the per capita GDP is still only $10 thousand," said Japan's senior bankers and bureaucrats, Tian Feng Hsiung. "If you want to be a major developed country, the per capita GDP must be at least $20 thousand," he told the national newspaper.

The report said the Chinese problem expert added: "this means that China's per capita GDP must be doubled. But even if the country continues to develop at a rate of 7% a year, it will still take 10 years. "

Others have different views. Report of the interview and the political scientist of Eurasia Group responsible person Ian Bray default, although Chinese GDP total was only 62% of the United States, but China economic system will help us to Chinese beyond the super speed of economic development.

At the Arabia strategic forum in Dubai in mid December, Brehm proposed that China's leadership in the global market instead of the United States was the biggest trend in 2018. He contrasted the Chinese economic system with the polarization and populism of the current political system in the United States and Europe.

Brehm said: "in the world of trade or politics, the president of the United States has provided greater space for China to play its role already played by Trump. China can say, "we have a strong set of models, and that's the greatest trend today."

Brehm also said that even if "the Chinese government is leading the world on the one hand in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, on the other hand, labor efficiency is still relatively low" is a fact and should not underestimate the importance of China. "This will produce long-term stability. The Chinese model will not be emulated, but more countries will be willing to cooperate. "

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