360 mobile phones shrink over the winter: Xi'an office space vacant market ceiling

360 mobile phones shrink over the winter: Xi'an office space vacant market ceiling

Original title: Xi'an office space vacant, mobile phone market ceiling 360 mobile phone shrink winter

Chen Jialan and Wang Jinlong

Recently, the news that 360 mobile phones disbanded the R & D team in Xi'an spread like wildfire. On November 13, a reporter from China Business News visited the office of 360 mobile phones in Block A, 29 Jinye Road, Xi'an Hi-tech Zone, and found that the building was empty. The property officer told us that 360 mobile phones were moved around the end of October, and the whereabouts were not clear.

360 mobile phone responded to our reporter that due to the adjustment of the group business, part of the business merged into the group, so most of the colleagues in Xi'an and work in the 360 group. Among them, a small number of colleagues who do not want to merge into the group voluntarily choose to leave, and the company will respect the opinions of employees and give compensation.

360 mobile phone also said that this involves only the adjustment of the workplace, not layoffs or disbandages. The company's mobile phone business remains unchanged, and will take into account IoT (Internet of Things) in the future, in order to further adapt to the development of the industry and enhance competitiveness.

It is understood that in the context of the decline of the smartphone industry, the survival space of small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers has been severely compressed by the head manufacturers. Breaking through the encirclement is becoming more and more difficult. Towards the end of the year, many domestic small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers are experiencing painful adjustment.

Mobile phone business lag

It is reported that 360 mobile phone business entity is Qiku Internet Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qiku Company"). According to public information, 360 has many related companies in Xi'an, among which 360 mobile phone business is operated by Xi'an Qiku Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xi'an Qiku"). The company was founded on July 4, 2016, with registered capital of 10 million yuan. Its business scope includes the development and sale of mobile communication software, computer software and multimedia software, and the technical research and development and wholesale of mobile phones, accessories and intelligent hardware products. People related to 360 mobile phones told reporters that Xi'an's team undertook some research and development business of 360 mobile phones. Shenzhen belongs to the headquarters of 360 mobile phones and also has research and development business.

Up to now, the office address of Qiku in Xi'an is still on the 2nd floor of Block A, No. 29, Jinye Road, Xi'an High-tech Zone. The legal representative is Kaixin Li, wholly owned by Qiku Company.

On November 13, a reporter from China Business News arrived at the 2nd floor of Block A, 29th Jinye Road, Xi'an High-tech Zone, according to the information of industrial and commercial registration, but found that it was not the office location of 360 mobile phones. Subsequently, according to property officers, 360 mobile office addresses are not 2 levels but 12 floors. Subsequently, the reporter saw on the 12th floor that the door of the office area was locked, but the relevant signs of 360 mobile phones were still posted on the door.

"360 mobile phones did work here before, and moved around the end of last month (October). I don't know where to move." The building property office staff told our reporter that the 12-storey office area is divided into two parts, East and west, and has all rented 360 mobile phones, with an area of about 1100 square meters.

Subsequently, the reporter entered the office area and found that 360 mobile phones still had "core area access safety code", "staff information security code" and some related promotional signs on the wall.

"According to the current industrial and commercial registration regulations, an enterprise can only have one legal registration address, which is subject to registration on the license. If the office location changes, it needs to change the address of the business license and apply for change registration according to the actual address." A staff member of Xi'an Industry and Commerce Bureau told reporters that if the actual situation of the enterprise is different from the registration, it will be included in the list of abnormal taxation operation catalogue. The information on the list will be publicized, which will have a negative impact on the reputation and image of the company. At the same time, the company will be imposed a certain amount. Penalty.

For Xi'an R&D personnel after the adjustment of the workplace and the official address and registration address does not match, our reporter asked 360 mobile phone adjustments specific circumstances, as of the submission, no response.

Reporters from 360 internal staff learned that the 360 mobile phone adjustment or due to market reasons, mobile phone business is not good, the company wants to transform into the Internet. 360 an employee of a mobile phone in Shenzhen said that some of the former Xi'an employees transferred to the group to make intelligent hardware.

In July this year, local media in Xi'an also reported that 360 will actively implement the "big security" strategy in Xi'an, and jointly build three "centers" in Xi'an, including Cyberspace Security Technology Innovation center, IoT industrial application demonstration center, and Xi'an cybersecurity operation center. Among them, IoT Industrial Application Demonstration Center is mainly devoted to the industrialization and popularization of intelligent safety products, such as smart wear, smart home, vehicle networking, and so on, to realize the deep integration of innovative technology and real economy.

Although Zhou Hongyi, the leader of 360 Group, has mentioned 360 mobile phone research and development team in Xi'an more than once in public, the former is still weaker than Huawei and ZTE's reputation in Xi'an.

"I heard that 360 mobile phones have R & D teams in Xi'an, but the specific office locations are not clear." An insider in Xi'an told reporters that Huawei is undoubtedly the first in the mobile phone research and development industry in Xi'an, followed by ZTE; as for 360 mobile phones, the person admitted that: mainly in the low-end.

In fact, in the past two years, Zhou Hongzhu's mobile phone road has been tortuous, and the product market performance is also unsatisfactory.

Zhou Hongyi's interest in mobile phone business began in 2012, and he had a short cooperation with Huawei and Alcatel, which ended in failure. But Zhou Hongyi did not give up. At the end of 2014, 360 married Cool and entered the mobile phone industry from the Internet industry. After the introduction of Le Video, 350 and Le Video become 360 brand, since the independent mobile phone brand, 360 mobile phone also experienced a second change of command. Previously, Zhou Hongyi was ambitious and wanted to challenge millet, but the gap widening.

Coincidentally, in the first half of this year, 360 mobile phones also came out of the merger with hammer phones. Li Kaixin, president of 360 mobile phone, did not respond positively to this matter in an interview with our reporter. He only said that the merger of 360 mobile phone and hammer was not very deep, and did not rule out that some of them had a very positive attitude towards this matter, but the merger was not necessarily so simple, not only technology, but also related to human nature, corporate culture and other aspects. Factors. In addition, when asked whether the merger probability of second-line mobile phone brands will increase this year, he said: "Not necessarily, not necessarily, and will not bring any benefits."

The cold market is coming.

In fact, the 360 mobile phone is adjusting the R & D team in Xi'an, behind which is the dilemma of the smart phone market. This year's competition in the smart phone market is fierce, and the whole market is going down, which is even more difficult for small brands.

According to market research firm IDC, global smartphones shipped 355.2 million units in the third quarter of 2018, down 6% from a year earlier. This is the 4 consecutive quarterly decline in the global smartphone market. As the world's largest smartphone consumer market, China's smartphone market is also weak, since the second quarter of 2017, shipments continue to decline.

In the context of the decline of the mobile phone industry, the survival space of domestic small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers has been severely compressed by the head manufacturers, which makes it more difficult to break through. According to IDC data, 360 mobile phones have been in the "other" category.

IDC data show that in the first three quarters of 2017, the domestic smartphone market had 73% market share in the first five quarters, and 87% market share in the first three quarters of 2018.

"The competition between head brands is commonly understood as elephants fighting and ants suffering." IDC China senior analyst Wang Xi told our reporter that there are two main reasons for the further reduction of market share of small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers this year. Firstly, the competition between head manufacturers makes the channel platform of mobile phone manufacturers more and more unified. Originally, they focused on the offline and offline brands. On-line.

Secondly, it mainly comes from the pressure of the supply chain. Because the whole market is saturated in the third quarter of 2017, the supply chain accumulated a large amount of inventory at the end of last year, which led to the conservative supply chain inventory and product planning.

"It's impossible for small manufacturers to talk about more favorable prices than millet or other big manufacturers." Wang Xi said that in the case of conservative supply chain, upstream manufacturers will rely more on big brands, the top five brands will also use lower prices to depress the limited resources of supply chain products, small manufacturers also have cost-performance ratio, which makes the supply chain stretched.

For the future, 360 mobile phones will take into account the Internet of things. In fact, when the mobile phone market has not yet ushered in a new growth bright spot, mobile phone manufacturers can only seek other ways, many manufacturers also claim to be involved in the Internet of Things. Huawei launched the AI speaker, Glory, plus mobile phones claimed to build television, 360 released cameras, driving recorders.

Many experts told our reporter that the market situation is not optimistic. "Faced with such difficulties, small and medium-sized enterprises can only survive by expanding and transforming to other related fields. Some of them have made the layout of escort robots, Internet of Things and AI." Sun Yanbiao, the first mobile phone industry research institute, told reporters that the mobile phone market will be colder in 2019, and for manufacturers of smart door locks and smart hardware, the prospects for next year are not clear. "One is colder, the other is not clear. In the dilemma of choice, the mobile phone industry is cold, so enterprises can only maintain the status quo and shrink."

"There are 89 billion smartphones in the smartphone market. There will be no sudden increase in the number of smartphones. A manufacturer sells one more, which means B manufacturer sells one less." Wang also believes that there is no room for improvement in this year's mobile phone market, basically the general trend of decline is irreversible, but in the third and fourth quarters, we began to issue mainstream models, in fact, in order to grab stock users. Everyone is waiting for 5G. With the help of the characteristics of 5G network speed, high transmission and low latency, AI, AR, VR and Internet of Things are developing rapidly and collaboratively. What manufacturers need to do now is to prepare for, keep and seize their own stock users.

It is noteworthy that 360 mobile phones seldom disclose relevant information when manufacturers launch off-screen fingerprints and talk about 5G progress.

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