Ofo's final stubbornness: once the opponent had left the battlefield, Davi continued to fight.

Ofo's final stubbornness: once the opponent had left the battlefield, Davi continued to fight.

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This week, Dewey held a full-fledged conference at ofo, claiming that "ofo will not go bankrupt. Everything else is possible."

But there is an undeniable fact: those once shining yellow cars on the street, do not know when they will be abandoned by the roadside, or dilapidated, or disappear, no one cares.

Ofo entered the cold winter early.

Three years ago, it was Davy's first year of life. He published an open letter, the most striking thing is the sentence at the end: "In the past 100 years, many Peking University people have changed Peking University and the world, this time it's your turn!"

He did not live up to the times, relying on his products to complete eight rounds of financing in two years, becoming the industry's unicorn. According to Erie data, in July 2017, ofo's monthly active users grew to 66492,000, ranking first in the industry, ahead of Mobai by more than 4 million people.

Nobody knows when the first dust fell on ofo, but now when we look at it again, it's already grey and dirty.

It is said that drops come to change the fate of Davy.

After the E round of financing, Didi became the largest shareholder except ofo management.

At the beginning, they also had a honeymoon period of harmony, which not only brought great confidence to ofo with powerful resources, but also promised to pull in soft bank's investment of $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion, which was more than the sum of all the financing before ofo.

Confidence-booming Daiwei accelerated the distribution of overseas markets. In 2017, ofo set sail for the ocean and opened its journey.

Ofo's radical steps have taken place, but Softbank's investment has yet to emerge.

According to a survey by AI Finance and Economics Agency, Dai Wei, who has been busy in overseas markets, was "overhead". When he looked back, he found that the domestic business and market operation had been controlled by dripping executives.

Dai Wei, who wanted control, started ofo from college, was not happy. So in the winter of 2017, it was rumored that Dai Wei "chopped first, then played" to expel the executives who had been assigned to ofo. Even, "A scene that has been reported many times is that Dai Wei was angry at the phone's hair:'Everyone gave me the drip. Leave ofo! "

The cooperation between didi and ofo has been shattered.

But the overseas market has consumed a large sum of ofo funds and owes much foreign debt. Since July 2017, the financing of ofo has stalled.

At the end of 2017, the competition for sharing bicycles became white-hot, with huge losses on the accounts of various brands and bankruptcies of smaller brands, while big brands and the giants behind them stepped up their efforts to change the situation. Mobai and ofo's investors push for mergers, but the merger plan says that drops will be the controller of the merged company.

This time, Dai Wei rejected capital and shouted in public that capital should respect the aspirations of entrepreneurs.

After the merger and fragmentation, Dai Wei's situation became more embarrassing. Ali turned to Harrow and quickly supported the orange bicycle. Zhu Xiaohu sold all his shares in ofo.

When Hu Weiwei chose to return the boosted capital, Davy began a long way to save himself.

If we simply make an outcome-oriented inference, the fate of Yuliang ofo and Mobai will come to such an end today, which obviously has a very simple and straightforward relationship with the founder's personality.

As a journalist, Hu Weiwei has been running news in the traditional media for ten years. Whether from professional habits or experience in shopping malls, he is more mature and open-minded than Dai Wei, who has been her younger for almost a round. Perhaps because of her more flexible and tactful nature as a woman.

Dai Wei, on the other hand, is more in line with a young entrepreneur who has stepped out from the status of president of the Student Union. He is young, vigorous, proud, ambitious and has a strong sense of mission, just like the bright and wanton yellow ofo.

Once the competitors had left the battlefield, Davy still chose to continue fighting.

"The current situation is comparable to that of Churchill and World War II Britain in the movie darkest hour." Dewey described the company's situation as "if you don't want to fight to the end, you can leave the company now."

At this time, whether Mobai or Haro, there is a strong backstage behind them, and the isolated Dewey, found it difficult to earn profits by riding users, can only start selling body advertisements, cancelled the 20 cities of sesame credit deposit-free activities...

But Caixin Weekly reported that as of mid-May, ofo owed about 1.2 billion yuan to suppliers, nearly 300 million yuan to urban operations and maintenance, less than 500 million yuan in cash on its books, and Dai Wei failed to save himself.

Even as the world began to prepare for the elegy of ofo, he still held his head high, which might seem silly, or the founder's reluctance to admit defeat might objectively result in greater waste of resources.

Churchill once said that success is not the end, failure is not the end, only the courage to move forward will last forever.

For Churchill, his courage was to lead Britain to victory by not choosing what seemed conservative but cowardly; for Dewey, his courage was to refuse to control, to be his own ruler, and he was never willing to give the power to write his destiny to others, even if it was only an end.

Whether ofo can get out of the darkness, perhaps Dewey is its greatest enemy, perhaps time is its greatest enemy.

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