Easy to chaos bureau again broke the news: the former supplier said the debt was beaten (video)

Easy to chaos bureau again broke the news: the former supplier said the debt was beaten (video)

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The chaotic situation of easy to use vehicles finally emerged.

It is the pioneer of online car appointment. In the price subsidy war, it came out from the dispute between Jia Yueting and Zhou Hang, and spent the short-term calm brought by the new successor Wen Xiaodong.

On the morning of November 16, Lu Yizhi, former deputy director of government affairs, said that Gong Zhenbing, the CEO of Yizhi bullied employees and forced him to kowtow. A video was also circulating on the Internet. After a toast, Lu Yi toasted Gong and kneeled down and kowtow. Easy to the official subsequent announcement that "this is a dangerous and premeditated meal," Gong Zhenbing has alerted the police.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Hefan (pseudonym), a supplier who once served easy-to-reach customer service outsourcing business, said to Sina Finance and Economics Studio on the 8th floor, "I just saw the news of bullying employees and thought it was Wen Xiaodong's work." He Fan said that he had been easily owed millions of yuan so far. "Although Mr. Wen Xiaodong, chairman of shareholder Taoyun Capital, scolded us, he promised to pay back the money."

With the warming of events, it is easier to get more chaos.

The former supplier broke the news again: "although Wen Xiaodong is going to beat us, he still says he will repay the money."

Hefan, a supplier, began to provide customer service outsourcing to Yida in 2016. Before the departure of its founder, Zhou Hang, Yida had terminated its cooperation with Yida. Easy to owe the company's maximum amount once reached more than 10 million yuan, in the process of continuous door-to-door debt collection, Easy to repay some of the arrears. "Till now, Yi still owes us millions of dollars." Crane sails said.

Crane fan recalls, Wen Xiaodong took over easy to arrive, once arranged a meeting of arrears suppliers. At the meeting, Wen Xiaodong asked the supplier one by one about the amount of arrears, and said: I am different from Jia Yueting, you do not have much money. "He said everybody go back and wait, he will arrange payment." He Fan said, "At that time, we thought we saw hope, but he didn't fulfill his promise. After one or two repayments, he stopped paying back the money."

Because he went to the company to collect debts, he contacted Wen Xiaodong seven or eight times. He said, "Wen Xiaodong's attitude toward assistants in private is quite disrespectful, and I didn't expect Gong Zhenbing to do the same. Wen Xiaodong came back and asked for money several times. He had no grace at all. He rushed to work with us several times and was stopped by his staff.

Crane fan recalls, "we saw him seven or eight times, and he started four or five times. It's really a matter of rushing up without saying three words. His employees say he has a good face or something. You may not think it is possible, but that's the way it is. "

He Fan said that in April and May this year, he Fan and his employees went to ask for money every day, and the company's administrative staff easily blocked him and others outside the door and repeatedly called the police. "It is easy for us to really owe us money, and the police can't control us, so we keep collecting debts for a month."

He Fan provided a video of debt collection to the studio of Sina Finance and Economics Building 8. In the video, Wen Xiaodong, dressed in black, said, "I promise you can't get any money, just as you like." The debt collectors asked, "are you letting us off the hook?" The temperature is total. " Wen Xiaodong, who has walked out of the door, returned to respond: "let go and let go."

He Fan concluded, "Although Wen Xiaodong beat us and scolded us, he still said he would pay back the money. Later, he said no more without knowing what was going on. Maybe he was too busy to cheat us."

He Fan said that several suppliers who were in arrears had sued, but the suit was useless. They had already turned the former company into a shell company. "It's useless to prosecute. There is no money at all."

Since May of this year, crane has given up to go to collect debts. According to crane estimate, there are about 7 suppliers owed by him, and the total amount owed is about about 20000000.

Young trader

At the end of Lv Yi's e-mail to Yi Dai, it was also mentioned in particular, "Finally, I would like to say that the company's actual controller, named Wen Xiaodong, is the company's boss, who is warm, gentle, respectful, modest, and considerate to employees." When Studio 8 inquired Wen Xiaodong about Lu Yi, he still gave a similar comment.

Wen Xiaodong, who was mentioned in particular, is Tao Yun capital CEO. At the beginning, Yida lost in the price war of online car, and in 2015 Jia Yueting became the controlling shareholder of Yida as the savior. In April 2017, Jia Yueting and Zhou Hang, founders of Yi Dai, denounced them publicly for "appropriating 1.3 billion yuan of funds from Lexin to Yi Dai", and then three co-founders, Zhou Hang, Yang Yun and Tang Peng, resigned. 3 months later, Tao Yun capital took over Yi Yue's hand and became a new controlling shareholder.

Wen Xiaodong praised Jia Yueting very much, calling him "a very forward-looking business operator". Wen Xiaodong has also invested in music as sports and music as mobile, to participate in music network growth.

Eventually, he took over at the most dangerous moment, which made Wen Xiaodong unable to keep a low profile, and his name was frequently mentioned by the media.

Born in 1983, this young investor is the legal representative of Tao Yun Capital, the founding partner and President of Lanju Investment (Tao Yun Capital holds a controlling stake in Lanju Investment).

Wen Xiaodong is not the first dispute involving arrears. In May 2016, Beijing Yishengfei Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Taoyun Capital, was sued by Guanghui Construction Group for its arrears of 11.15 million yuan. The plaintiff also sued Beijing Blueju Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Taoyun Capital Actual Controller and Wen Xiaodong, Beijing Yishengfei Legal Person.

In addition, Wen Xiaodong also involved another prosecution. According to the announcement network of the People's Court, Liaoning Branch of China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd. v. Lighthouse Tongerbao Shanghai International Leather City Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Yalong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Taoyun (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Taoyun Capital Co., Ltd., Shanghai Han Tang Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd., Wen Xiaodong and other disputes over loan contracts were accepted by Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court on August 24, 2017.

After Wen Xiaodong took over, he left in mid-July 2017 to CFO Ren Ruxian, CTO Yuan Bin, legal VP Liu Xiaoqing and HR VP Ma Dong. These four executives were all happy to see the people who had entered the company when it was easy to acquire.  

At the time of the media interview with Wen Xiaodong, he said that Yi was looking for CEO. In October of that year, Peng Gang was confirmed to be leaving by CEO.   

Easy-to-reach CEO has been vacant for eight months since then. On May 21, Gong Zhenbing took over the position and was fully responsible for easy-to-reach operations and management. So far only half a year has passed.

Gong Zhenbing joined Baidu in 2003. He has been the regional director of Baidu Channel Department, the national channel director, and the general manager of Baidu Beijing Branch. In May 2014, he led the team to create Baidu takeaway and served as general manager of Baidu takeaway business unit. In November 2015, Baidu announced its independent development and open financing of Baidu takeout. Gong Zhenbing became CEO of Baidu. After Baidu took-out was hungry, Gong Zhenbing continued to serve as chairman. Half a year later, he left his old home and joined Yi Dai as CEO.

Lv Yi: I didn't expect to be able to find a job all my life.

Lu Yi called himself "an old employee who has worked in Yi for more than 2 years".

On the evening of November 15, Lv Yi sent a letter to the company's top executives entitled Why Lv Yi Should Anti-Gong Zhenbing Truth!!! In the email of "Easy to Bully Employees", Lu Yi said Gong Zhenbing had "forced himself to kowtow for threatening to dismiss other GR employees, even seven heads", and had a video screenshot of the restaurant at that time.

Lu Yi said that he left office on November 16 and asked Gong Zhenbing to apologize publicly, saying that he "owed me seven heads."

Later, a video was released on the Internet. Lu Yi confirmed that the video was "the dinner in August". The video clip was the seventh kowtow to Gong Zhenbing in the meal. In the video, Lv Yi (white T-shirt man) kneels and kowtows to Gong Zhenbing (black man). Before kneeling, Lv Yi takes up a glass of red wine and drinks it up. He gestures to the video shooter, "3, 2, 1, is it beginning?" At the end of the video recording, Gong Zhenbing (black man) confirmed the success of the shooting and said that it would be released to the group.

Lu Yi told the studio on the 8th floor that November 16 was the last day before his departure. The reason why he chose to issue full-staff emails was that he hoped Gong Zhenbing would respect easy-to-reach employees.

Lu Yi revealed that at that time, all the key members of the Easy to GR department were at the dinner table: "There are me, Meng Zhiliang, Wu Boqi, Lu Le, Wang Zhuo, Feng Guiquan, Li Datong, Wang Xin and Li Lei, Secretary of Wen Zong (CEO Wen Xiaodong of Taoyun Capital)." He said that the reason why he hadn't announced the incident before was that "I thought that after this incident, the old and new teams could live in harmony."

Lu Yi said that he had a recording in his hand. Gong Zhenbing kicked a colleague in the Department in public in the street. "He kicked dozens of feet and let people kneel down on the street for him." There have been three such bullying incidents, he said, "and one at a company party where colleagues kneel in public for him."

According to Titanium media reports, Gong Zhenbing, the CEO of Yida, responded by saying that he knelt on his own initiative and that many of the information was fake. He has been alerted to the police for processing and will issue a notice later.

In Yi, Lu Yi reports directly to Gong Zhen soldier.

Lu Yi mentioned that he had reflected the bullying situation of Gong Zhenbing to a higher level of leadership. "The higher level said that he was very serious, but he changed his way, and I felt a little perverted." In a previous full-fledged e-mail, Lu Yi said that since Gong Zhenbing took over the management of the company, some teams of Baidu takeaway had been brought into easy access, and large-scale cleansing and blood exchange came in succession. Old employees were forced away and could not get any compensation.

Studio inquiries on Building 8 found that on November 8 this year, Yida issued a "Notice on the Handling of 10.25 Easy-to-Office Smash Events". According to the report, Lu Yi realized the seriousness of the incident and demanded that he take the blame and resign and get the company's consent. On October 25, Lu Yi, then Vice President of Government Affairs, smashed office supplies such as computers in the office of Meng Xiangbin, Vice President of Human Resources. Later, Meng injured Lu's head and sewed it up with stitches.

Lu Yi tells sina finance and economics, the reason for smashing the Manpower office is "grievances for a long time". Lu Yi said that he had communicated with Gong Zhen soldier before, because he was trapped in this environment and wanted to leave before and after the Spring Festival. "On the second day of communication, he landed a former Baidu takeaway executive to take over my job."

"I don't think I'll ever find a job," Lu said.

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