Direct attack Zhang Yong, talking about "hard to remember" double 11:2011 year has a big fault.

Direct attack Zhang Yong, talking about

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Sina Science and Technology News on the evening of November 16, news, "Look at China" high-end thought forum was held in Tsinghua University. During the 11 years of night talk, Bai Chongen, Dean of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group and Zhang Wen, founder of Wumei Group, participated in the process and expressed their views on the "future of China".

When asked about the double 11 challenge, Zhang Yong said, "double 11 is ready to be in normal times, just like the college entrance examination. This day is a big test of technological achievements, a holiday for consumers, and also an Olympic game for businessmen. The sad time is in peacetime, and of course there will be many challenges on that day.

Recalling 10 years of Shuang11, he said that the most memorable thing was Shuang11 in 2011, when there was a big system failure, "which made me realize that money and goods, as well as technology are very important." (Han Dapeng)

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