US media said Russia is developing a nuclear powered rocket that can land on Mars and be reused.

US media said Russia is developing a nuclear powered rocket that can land on Mars and be reused.

Reference News Network reported on November 16 that a well-known scientist said Russia was building nuclear-powered rockets that could be used to explore Mars and other space missions. Vladimir Koshrakov, head of Moscow's Keldesh Research Center, told the Russian newspaper that the rocket could land on Mars and launch again in 48 hours.

Scientists have been developing the rocket since 2009, according to Kirschlakov, an expert in heat conduction and mathematical models, according to Newsweek's website on November 14. The rocket, he said, uses a "unique" propulsion system that appears in science fiction, "and may carry out missions to Mars in the near future, but that is not an end in itself. Our engine could be the basis of a set of space missions, and these tasks currently looks like science fiction". He also said there was no timetable for such a rocket ready.

He said: "reusability is the primary issue. We must develop engines that need not be adjusted or repaired 10 times after each flight. And it must return 48 hours from space before it can be launched again. This is the demand of the market.

Reported that the nuclear powered rocket will carry astronauts to and from the destination, much faster than the other spacecraft in the development of faster, such as aircraft powered by solar panels. The present study showed in mice, long time space travel will have many negative effects on health, scientists worry that this may also occur in humans. Keshi Lakoff said the system they developed is "particularly valuable for interplanetary flight between tracks".

He claimed that their engine can allow the spacecraft to reach the moon in a few days, arrived at Mars in seven or eight months.

He explained in principle said: "from the source point of view, this is the work of a liquid heating reactor. The heated working fluid enters the turbine and has a generator on the same shaft. Rotating turbine can produce current, which is usually required for the operation of spacecraft, especially plasma engine. Traction electric plasma engine is the driving force of the spacecraft as a transportation system.

Reported that Koshrakov said their main competitor is the United States, and said Elon Musk's space exploration technology company is currently using old technology, which is not the future of space travel. He said: "(MuSK) based on long-term development of the use of old engines to create their own rockets. He acts like a businessman: he takes a tested off the shelf solution and applies it successfully. "

Report noted that in Russia in the occasion of Star Trek, NASA will continue to Mars as the next big target. The agency recently announced that its next probe will be landing on the surface of Mars on the end of the month. It is expected to use the Orion spacecraft for the first time to send humans to Mars in 2030s.

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