Spain intends to use A-400M transport aircraft to exchange Korean T-50 trainers.

Spain intends to use A-400M transport aircraft to exchange Korean T-50 trainers.



Note: A-400M transport aircraft

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Yonhap News Agency, at the meeting of the Korea-Spain Joint Defense and Quartermaster Committee held in Madrid on November 12-13, Spain proposed to exchange its large transport aircraft for senior trainers of the Korean Air Force. Relevant sources in the Korean military industry said that the Spanish government proposed barter exchange, using A-400M transport aircraft to exchange Korean T-50 higher education aircraft, and the government has begun relevant research.

Prior to this, Spanish Ministry of Defense officials contacted South Korean Ministry of Defense officials at the UK International Flight Performance in July, conveying their intention to exchange A-400M transport aircraft for Korean higher education aircraft. Reported that Spain's Defense Department had ordered 27 A-400M transport aircraft from Airbus, but decided not to use 13 of them. After consultation with Airbus, Spain can resell the remaining aircraft to other countries. Spain hopes to transfer 4-6 to South Korea, and acquire more than 30 KT-1 trainers and 20 T-50 higher education machines.

Yonhap said that if the transaction were successful, it would be the first time that South Korean aircraft exported to Europe.

The Korean Air Force said it was concerned about Boeing's C-17 large transport aircraft, but the aircraft has stopped production, and now it is concerned about the A-400M. The Air Force needs large transport aircraft capable of long-range flight when carrying out disaster relief, international peacekeeping and protection of overseas Chinese. Internship compile: Ma Jun Meng reviewer: Li Xiaofei)


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