US report: war between the US and China and Russia may lose the proposal to build more nuclear weapons.

US report: war between the US and China and Russia may lose the proposal to build more nuclear weapons.

[Global Times correspondent Zhang Mengxu, Liu Yupeng, Global Times correspondent Bai Yunyi] "The U.S. military may lose the war against China or Russia," the latest report released by the U.S. Defense Strategic Committee on the 14th solemnly wrote, "Compared with the past decades, the security and well-being of the United States is in a better position. In the great risk, the strategic advantage of the US Army has been gradually eroded and has reached a dangerous level. As the defense budget of the United States is four times that of China and more than 10 times that of Russia, it is strange to express such a sad sigh. As Russian TV said today, "Moscow and Beijing dominate the attention of the report authors appointed by the Military Committees of the United States Senate and House of Representatives".

Vice President Burns, who is visiting Asia, also called on China to "make great changes in all aspects of economic, military and political activities" in order to "avoid a new cold war with the United States". In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in a regular press conference on the 15th that "China owes no one, asks no one, and is not afraid of anyone." I sincerely suggest that some people in the United States should not always whitewash themselves and blame others.

The Defense Strategic Committee of the United States is a bipartisan committee authorized by Congress, consisting of 12 people, tasked with assessing the Pentagon's new strategic report. The report, released on the 14 th, focuses on the "threat" posed by China and Russia to the US military power. "Russia and China are more challenged to the United States and its allies and partners than any other rival since the end of the cold war," the report said. If the United States had to fight Russia in the Baltic Sea or China because of the Taiwan issue, the United States might face a decisive military failure. In addition, the report also pays special attention to the threat posed by Iran and North Korea, "both countries have developed more advanced weapons, and the threat posed has become more serious in recent years".

According to the report, the United States is currently facing a series of competition and conflicts, especially China and Russia are committed to military construction, "seeking regional hegemony and striving to project power to the world" and "the goal is to offset the strength of the U.S. military". "In the next conflict, the U.S. military may suffer an unbearable high casualty rate and heavy financial losses. The US Army may lose a little and win the war against China or Russia. "

The report worries about whether the U.S. military technology is ahead of its main competitors: "In the past 20 years, the Pentagon has focused on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, while its competitors have invested a lot of money in supersonic vehicles, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies..."

In the defense security strategy announced by the US Defense Department in January this year, China and Russia are regarded as the "greatest challenges" to US national security. The 14 th report assessed January's defense security strategy as "fundamentally in the right direction", with the disadvantage of not specifying how the United States should achieve its stated goals. "Due to insufficient budgets and the heavy global burden of the US military, it is difficult for the US military to achieve the central objectives of its national defense security strategy, such as how to defeat major competitors while maintaining deterrence in other regions."

Therefore, the report lists 32 recommendations, including: to respond to China in the Western Pacific, calls for more long-range military transport aircraft, submarines and other underwater equipment; to respond to Russia, proposes to continue to strengthen NATO's armaments in the eastern wing of the alliance and the Baltic States; and calls for increased defense budget expenditure, taking into account The report also warned against withdrawing U.S. troops from the Greater Middle East in large numbers, and called on the government to increase investment in renewing nuclear weapons, developing new types of nuclear weapons and enhancing nuclear deterrence.

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