US report: China's air force doubling U.S. forces in the Asia Pacific to retain air supremacy

US report: China's air force doubling U.S. forces in the Asia Pacific to retain air supremacy

Reference News Network reported on November 16 that foreign media said that the US Congressional Advisory Body recently released a report to highlight the "China threat" and recommended that the US contain and counter China.

According to the Financial Times website on November 14, a committee of the U.S. Congress called for an investigation into economic and technological cooperation between China and the United States, which further undermined cooperation between the world's two largest economies.

The US-China Economic and Security Assessment Commission (USCC) recommends that senior information security officers of the Trump Administration submit an annual report to assess the risks associated with the close integration of industrial supply chains between China and the United States.

Reported that since about 20 years ago, the US-China Economic and Security Assessment Commission began to monitor bilateral trade and its impact on US national security under the authorization of Congress, its influence has been very limited. Over the past two years, however, the U.S. authorities'views on China have evolved in the direction of long-term support from the hawkish organization, especially with the Trump administration taking an increasingly tough stance on China.

Supply chain risk, bilateral scientific cooperation and military-civilian dual-use technology are the core of Trump government's supervision of bilateral economic relations.

"U.S. companies and governments rely on international supply chains dominated by China in most cases," USCC said in a report released on the 14th. "Although not all products designed, manufactured or assembled in China are inherently risky, the U.S. government lacks the necessary tools for rigorous supply chain risk assessment," the report said.

According to USCC, any evaluation of technical cooperation should "consider whether the intellectual property rights of American researchers and enterprises are effectively protected, whether Chinese state-owned enterprises or the military benefit from research funded by American taxpayers, and whether Chinese researchers involved in cooperative projects are associated with the Chinese government or the military".

In addition, Japan's Matsumoto News reported on November 15 that the US Congressional Advisory Body USCC submitted its annual report for 2018 to Congress on November 14. The report warns that the PLA is active in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and calls on the government to study sanctions against Chinese state-owned enterprises and individuals involved in the construction of the South China Sea military base. The report puts forward 26 proposals in the field of economy and security.

According to the report, revolving around the modernization of China's military forces, it is reported that the Chinese navy's ability to deploy in the ocean has been improved and the Marine Corps'expedition capability has been strengthened. According to the report, China's air force is also growing, such as disputes in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and the United States and its allies may not be able to ensure air supremacy.

In addition, Japan Economic News reported on November 15 that the report issued by the Commission on November 14 expressed strong concern about China's military strategy. "By 2035, China will have the capability to confront U.S. forces in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific region as a whole," the report said.

According to the report, in the "second island chain" from Ogasawa Islands to Saipan and Guam, the Chinese army has the ability to confront the US military in land, sea and air.

According to a report on the website of Der Spiegel on November 14, the report of a supra-partisan Committee of the United States Congress is appalling. The report argues that the United States is clearly losing its military lead over other big powers. In addition, it has the risk of failure in possible wars with China or Russia.


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