Shanghai police will develop App standard dog raising: registration, vaccination, etc.

Shanghai police will develop App standard dog raising: registration, vaccination, etc.

Surging news reporter Yang Fan

Shanghai will introduce an App for dogs, which can be registered and vaccinated. This is a new measure to regulate civilized dog raising in Shanghai.

A few days ago, Peng Mei news reporter learned from Shanghai Public Security Bureau that Shanghai Public Security Bureau, together with relevant functional departments, is developing a software system. Through mobile App, registration, vaccination and other formalities can be handled. At the same time, the city "pet map" is drawn. On this map, there are management agencies, pet hospitals and so on. Wait. Reward points for civilized dog raising and guide everyone's behavior.

At present, the management of dog raising in Shanghai is a multi-participatory management mode involving public security, agricultural committee, urban management, industry and commerce, housing security, housing management, health and other departments. The management power of dog business is assigned to the animal husbandry and veterinary department and the business department of the Agricultural Commission. The public security is responsible for the end management, focusing on the registration and issuance of dog-keeping certificates, punishment of illegal dog-raising behavior, and the accommodation of stray dogs. At the same time, the residents (villages) committee, the owners'Committee and the managers of relevant places have certain autonomous management rights.

The current management of dogs in Shanghai is based on the Regulations on the Management of Dogs in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations). The Regulations were formulated on the basis of the original Shanghai Dog Management Measures, which came into effect on May 15, 2011. In addition to the Regulations, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the Shanghai Agricultural Commission and the Municipal Pet Industry Association have issued the Notice on the Catalogue of Severe Dogs Prohibited by Individuals in Shanghai, which stipulates the breeds and penalties of dogs prohibited in Shanghai.

At the beginning of 2018, the police of Xujing Police Station of Qingpu Public Security Bureau received a report from residents of a villa area in Xujing Town that some people in this area raised strong dogs, which affected the normal life of other residents. After investigation, it was confirmed that the dog breed reflected by the residents was Rovina. After educating and persuading the dog owners, the police captured the dog and took it into custody according to law.

From "Shanghai Dog Management Measures" to "Shanghai Dog Management Regulations", the management objects have changed. One is "Dog Management" and the other is "Dog Management".

Dog safety management is not in dogs, but in dogs. This brings about changes in management concepts, management subjects and management methods. In the past, the management of dogs was mainly about "management" and "Prohibition". For example, we have abolished the licensing system for farming and marketing and changed it into a registration system. Cancellation of the purchase license system, now the registration system, and online booking, registration and certification and anti-epidemic needle one-stop service, convenient for dog owners.

Within one year after the implementation of the Ordinance, the number of immunization and accreditation increased by more than 40%. At present, the situation of dog immunization and certification is becoming stable, and the enthusiasm of public participation is increasing. Especially in dog publicity and dog adoption, the responsiveness and participation of pet industry associations, animal protection organizations and grass-roots organizations are getting higher and higher.

Many communities have established pet clubs spontaneously. The Dahua Sancun Five-residence Committee of Baoshan District has innovated the management mode, played the role of residents'autonomy, and standardized the behavior of residents in raising dogs. They introduced the Convention on Civilized Dog Raising. The pet corner of the community is a fixed place for dog walking. There are waste newspapers in the urinal box for dog owners to deal with pet manure. Social co governance and autonomy foster the culture of civilized dog breeding.

At present, the animal husbandry and Veterinary Department of the Agricultural Commission will implant an electronic logo on the dog when it carries out immunization certification. By scanning the electronic logo with a card reader, the identity information of the dog and the contact information of the dog breeder can be read. At the same time, Shanghai public security organs will carry out the annual examination of dog immunization and dog registration certificate, and follow up supervision by reading the information on electronic signs during the annual examination of immunization.

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