Chuan Jiang is studying the official response of Shang Ke Chuang board: no comment.

Chuan Jiang is studying the official response of Shang Ke Chuang board: no comment.

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Chuan Jiang's research board is expected to be incorporated into the first batch of science and technology enterprises.

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, people in the capital market said that Hujiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is currently studying Shangke's innovative board, or is expected to be included in the first batch of enterprises of Shangke's innovative board. Previously, the Shanghai River has submitted a prospectus to the HKEx to be listed in Hong Kong.

The official replied to the Beijing news that all official comments were not allowed to comment.

Today, the deputy secretary and mayor of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee should bravely investigate and research the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and demand that the "innovation" characteristics of the science innovation board be closely adhered to and the work of the science innovation board be fully promoted.

It was disclosed earlier that on June 15 this year, Shanghai Jiang had submitted an application to the Securities Regulatory Commission for listing in Hong Kong. Shanghai Jiang submitted to the SFC the examination and approval of the Initial Public Offering of Shares (including common shares, preferred shares and derivative forms of stocks) of a joint stock limited company overseas. The materials have been accepted by the SFC.

In July of this year, Hu Jiang submitted a prospectus to the Hongkong stock exchange. According to the prospectus, the Shanghai River has been losing money for a long time. In the past three years, the loss of the Shanghai River has exceeded 1 billion 200 million. The total revenue of Shanghai and Shanghai was 185 million, 340 million and 555 million respectively from 2015 to 2017.

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