Public Security Department reminded: vigilance "ious" online shopping cash fraud

Public Security Department reminded: vigilance

Reporter Ke Gaoyang

Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, November 14, the "white strip" of electricity consumption followed by payment for other people's online purchases in order to cash, but he has become a buyer. The Public Security Department of Chongqing has recently investigated a case of "white strip" online cash-taking fraud, in which illegal elements use the victim's anxious psychology to carry out fraud. The public security department reminds us to guard against such online shopping scams under the guise of "ious".

At the end of October this year, Mr. Tang, a Chongqing citizen, saw an advertisement in the QQ group. The other side said that he could "cash out" by helping online shopping. After adding Wechat, the other side imparted "secret book" to Mr. Tang, who was in urgent need of money, claiming that he could cash it through "white strip" payment method of "consumption before payment" on the shopping website. Just use the "white strip" on the shopping website to purchase specific goods, and then send them to the designated receiving address. After the goods are sold, cash can be received. After the two sides reached an agreement, the other side sent a mobile shopping link worth 4,199 yuan. Mr. Tang paid with a "white note" and sent it to the designated location of the other side.

After two days, Mr. Tang learned that the other side had signed the phone and asked for the transfer. The other side took the excuse that the cell phone was not sold, and later refused to return the message. Mr. Tang found himself in a hoax and sent an alarm to the Kowloon Po District Public Security Bureau in Chongqing.

Through careful investigation, the police seized the suspect Li by comprehensive investigation and control. After interrogation, Li confessed to the fraud, but also gave two other frauds of the same method, three cases involving more than 12,000 yuan.

The public security department reminds us that in recent years, online shopping fraud has occurred frequently. In order to prevent online shopping fraud, we should not click on unfamiliar websites or scan suspicious two-dimensional codes, and do not transfer money to strangers at will. Online shopping should take regular channels as far as possible to avoid private transactions. Receiving "customer service" calls, we say that shopping is unsuccessful and parcels are damaged. In case of bad loss, we should be vigilant and verify through regular channels. In case of fraud, attention should be paid to retaining relevant evidence for investigation by public security organs.

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