Li Kaifu: Transformation of Chinese entrepreneurs from "imitator" to "innovator"

Li Kaifu: Transformation of Chinese entrepreneurs from

Reporter Wu Xiaoling

San Francisco, November 12, Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) - Chinese entrepreneurs are changing from "imitators" to "innovators", Li Kaifu, chairman and CEO of Innovation Works, said in an interview with reporters in Silicon Valley recently.

Kaifu Lee worked for major US technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google, and later founded Angel Investors Innovation Workshop. He said that China's innovation has gone through three stages. The first stage is mainly to learn from, which is a good way to learn; the second stage is micro-innovation, putting different ideas together, extracting the essence and innovating a product, and iterating on this basis; the third stage is to start leading in some innovations, such as sharing bicycles, mobile payment and shortsightedness. Frequency application.

Li Kaifu said that compared with American entrepreneurs, China's innovation now has the advantage. In his view, the Internet has entered the second half, before some disruptive innovations slowed down, the new trend of the Internet is the combination of online and offline, a typical example is takeout platform services, which is from "light entrepreneurship" to "re-entrepreneurship".

However, Li Kaifu believes that in general, China has relatively few original innovations and has not yet produced enough companies to change the world. Therefore, China needs to further reform the innovation system, especially the education system.

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