Xinhua News Agency commentary: to reveal the rule of law from the chaos of the media

Xinhua News Agency commentary: to reveal the rule of law from the chaos of the media

Recently, in response to a series of chaotic phenomena existing in the self-media, the National Network Information Office, together with relevant departments, launched a special campaign of centralized cleaning up and rectification. More than 9,800 self-Media accounts have been handled in accordance with the law and regulations, including "large size". In this regard, netizens have praised the move, saying that this is "the right time".

Some from the media brutal growth, all kinds of chaos shocking. Some take deconstructing history and discrediting heroes as their "abilities" and rely on slandering heroes to broaden their eyeballs; others make profits by rumors and fake eye-catching to "rub hot" and "disturb water" in hot social events, and seek "business opportunities" by spreading false information; others engage in "black public relations" and blackmail under the banner of public opinion supervision; Some disseminating vulgar pornographic information, propagating false values and affecting the healthy growth of youngsters. These undesirable phenomena, contrary to public order and good customs, break through the legal bottom line and become an important "pollution source" of network ecology, which is strongly reflected by the public.

Since the media is not outside the law, it is not the "free land" which is self serving and self willed. Since the chaos of the media seems to have occurred in cyberspace, it has a profound effect on social life. In the "suspected child abuse in kindergartens" incident happened somewhere last year, some self-Media accounts ignored the facts, fabricated and hyped rumors, exaggerated anxiety and panic, and let many netizens "recruit", which caused considerable interference in the investigation and handling of cases by public security organs. Similar problems are not uncommon and deserve high vigilance. If we allow the media to become more and more chaotic, impact social order and disturb the hearts and minds of the world, it will surely cause greater harm to society and bring greater losses to public interests.

Respect for law and responsibility, and a correct outlook on righteousness and interests are the basis for the healthy development of self-media. Only money in the eye is bound to go astray. Some self-Media are blinded by money. Driven by interests, they are doing illegal and illegal activities in the open and in the secret. They may benefit for a while, but they will eventually eat their own fruit and harm themselves. This time, the regulatory authorities resolutely "bright sword", which is not only a way to eliminate ills, but also means that strict management according to law will become the norm, sounding the alarm to the industry as a whole. Self-media is not a "cash cow" for some people to make profits illegally. As self-Media practitioners, they must have the consciousness of abiding by the law, self-discipline of behavior and self-warning of the bottom line, in order to make a good voice, spread positive energy, win space for healthy development and win the future.

Building a clear network space requires the joint efforts of the whole society. Since the media operates in accordance with the law, the regulatory authorities strictly manage, the vast number of netizens and all walks of life strengthen supervision, all parties take action and persevere in grasping, bad phenomena will gradually lose their survival soil, and a clean, orderly and dynamic network environment will become a reality.

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