Zhang Yong went to express company to "supervise" distribution: China's logistics entered the 1 billion era.

Zhang Yong went to express company to

Sina Science and Technology News on the morning of November 12, the first day after the end of Tianmao Shuang11, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong led the team to Shanghai and Wuxi express companies, logistics warehouses, terminal stations to understand the operation of Shuang11 logistics. Zhang Yong said that logistics people are the creators of Shuang11 miracle, and also the promoters and participants of China's logistics billion era.

Tianmaoshuang 11 this year, the total number of logistics orders rose to 1042 million, more than 4000 times in the past 10 years, which marks that the backbone of intelligent logistics network has entered the era of 1 billion.

Zhang Yong said Tmall double 11 is the best witness of social division of labor, cooperation and synergy. This is the result of busy and common preparation of global merchants, logistics company partners, courier brothers, customer service personnel and other links. In order to deliver 1 billion packages efficiently, we must rely on industry-wide collaboration to form an intelligent logistics backbone network to deal with it.

It is reported that 400,000 meters of automation pipeline has been added to the whole industry this year, which is equivalent to the construction of a new high-speed runway in each distribution center. Zhang Yong said in Yuantong and Zhongtong that the logistics era of Shuang11, which started with 1 billion yuan, must be the era of intelligent logistics. Technology is needed to improve the efficiency of the industry. Alibaba and rookie will continue to work with logistics partners to speed up the digitization process of the whole industry.

In addition, Zhang Yong also came to a large intelligent warehouse in Wuxi. Nearly 700 AGV robots run around the clock, raising the picking efficiency by 50%. Under the guidance of the robot commander, he experienced every link of the picking process and felt the efficiency of man-machine cooperation. (Han Dapeng)

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