2 billion details of the ticket fraud case: hiring someone to impersonate the chairman of the bank

2 billion details of the ticket fraud case: hiring someone to impersonate the chairman of the bank

Our reporter Li Yumin reports from Beijing

After two years, with the involvement of the judicial organs, many details of the ICBC "ticket" case, which once stirred a stir for a while, gradually emerged.

In August 2016, the 21st Century Economic Report reported the fraud case exclusively (see the first edition of 21st Century Economic Report, August 12, 2016, "The First Billion Risk Events of Tickets: True and False Inter-industry Account Suspicion"). Illegal elements used false materials and official seals to open Henan I in Langfang Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank. Jiaozuo China Travel Bank, a commercial bank in Jiaocheng, has issued 2 billion yuan of tickets by way of agent access to ICBC's ticket system. When these tickets were issued, a number of enterprises were used as drawers, the agent bank was ICBC, and the acceptance bank was Jiaozuo China Travel Bank. Finally, these tickets were discounted by Hengfeng Bank and other institutions, and finally the funds flowed into several private enterprises.

The controversial focus of the case is as follows: first, Jiaozuo China Travel Bank claimed that the ticket was not issued by the bank, which was an industry account opened by the illegal elements in the name of the bank; second, whether the opening of the same business is in compliance with the regulations and whether ICBC checks the authenticity of the bank in accordance with the regulations; third, Hengfeng Bank and other institutions finally. Discount, actually bear a loss of about 2 billion yuan, how to claim?

Economic reporters in the 21st century have learned from many sources that Cui Mou, Qui Mou and Zhang Mou, who have committed fraud, have been prosecuted by Shanghai prosecutors on charges of bill fraud and have held two hearings, but have not yet been sentenced. However, a civil judgment of the first instance of labor disputes published on the Chinese Judgment Documents website reveals more details of the case. The document shows that Zhao Mou, general manager of China Travel Bank's security department, was dismissed and terminated the labor contract by the bank due to irregularities in lending offices and serious dereliction of duty.

Businessmen responded at the time: "When the agencies that opened the proxy access account came to Jiaozuo for audit, the so-called"fake employees"received them in the office building of China Travel Bank. At the same time, in order to confirm further, the agency also dialed the fixed telephone reserved by Jiaozuo China Travel Bank in other local banks. As a result, it not only dialed but also gave a positive answer to the inquiry.

The 21st Century Economic Reporter learned that criminals had cheated ICBC inspectors by borrowing the office of Zhao Mou, General Manager of the Security Department of Jiaozuo China Travel Bank and playing the chairman of China Travel Bank. Moreover, a suspected criminal has been a member of the China Travel bank.

Note intermediaries were accused of making profits 187 million

According to a source, according to prosecution charges, Cui Mou, Qui Mou, Zhang Mou in 2016, in the name of helping others to finance, fake Jiaozuo China Travel Bank access to the central bank electronic commercial draft system, and in the name of Jiaozuo China Travel Bank, falsely accept electronic bank acceptance drafts issued by pre-colluded enterprises, and then falsely accept them. The bank will transfer the discount to other banks and swindle the discount fund.

A person familiar with the situation said that Qui Mou was a former employee of CITIC Bank in Jiaozuo, so he was familiar with the bill business and CITIC Bank in Jiaozuo. Zhang Mou also had banking experience.

In June and July 2016, Cui Mou, Qui Mou, Zhang Mou and others forged Jiaozuo China Travel Bank certificates and other materials, forged the name of Jiaozuo China Travel Bank and signed an agent access agreement with Zhengzhou Branch of ICBC Bills Business Department. Subsequently, Cui Mou and Zhang Mou, together with the enterprise leader Hu Mou, submitted forged Jiaozuo China Travel Bank business license, financial license and other documents to the Langfang Development Zone Branch of ICBC, and hired Li Mou in the borrowed office, fake Jiaozuo China Travel Bank legal representative, deceived the door-to-door verification of ICBC account openers. Gong set up interbank account in Langfang branch of ICBC and opened an electronic bill agency interface.

Subsequently, the "Jiaozuo China Travel bank" account was used to issue bills to enterprises with financing needs. "Financing entrepreneurs Huang Mou and others did not know these bills intermediaries before, they were introduced through friends," said the person familiar with the situation.

From July 25 to 28, 2016, Cui Mou, Zhang Mou, Hu Mou and others, in a hotel in Langfang City, Hebei Province, issued an electronic bill of exchange without capital guarantee between the affiliated enterprises under the owner Huang Mou, Hu Mou or controlled by them, and then faked it in the name of Jiaozuo Travel Bank. False acceptance, discounting, issued 40 electronic bills of exchange totaling 2 billion yuan. Later, Cui Mou and Zhang Mou, through bill intermediaries, went to Hengfeng Bank Shanghai Branch and Xingtai Bank for rediscount. After deducting the relevant handling fees, they cheated over 1.9 billion yuan of the rediscount funds.

The above-mentioned insiders told 21st century economic reporters that the so-called "Jiaozuo China Travel Bank" discount is false, and the real gold and silver is Hengfeng Bank.

After obtaining the above-mentioned transfer discount funds, under the arrangement of Cui Mou and others, more than 400 million yuan was transferred to the bank account actually controlled by Hu Mou, and more than 1.4 billion yuan was transferred to the enterprise bank account actually controlled by Huang Mou. After receiving the money, Huang allocated more than 500 million yuan to three enterprises in Henan Province at the request of Cui Mou, and then Cui Mou disposed of more than 140 million yuan from three enterprises in Henan Province.

According to the prosecution's accusation, during this period, a total Commission of more than 187 million yuan was transferred from the financiers Hu Mou, Huang Mou and three Henan enterprises to the bank account actually controlled by Cui Mou. Among them, he got 50 million yuan, and Zhang got 44 million yuan.

Chairman of the Bank Office

The key to the success of this fraud lies in whether ICBC has fulfilled its obligation to verify and whether there are inadequate management of staff, materials and seals in Jiaozuo China Travel Bank.

Jiaozuo China Travel Bank has previously declared that "by forging our bank's passport and seal, illegal elements fraudulently open inter-bank accounts in other banking financial institutions in the name of our bank, and illegally handle the business of issuing and issuing invoices."

In an August 2016 response to 21st Century Economic Reporters, ICBC insiders said: "When the agencies that opened the proxy access account came to Jiaozuo for audit, these so-called"fake employees"were hosted in the office building of China Travel Bank."

The reception in the office of the bank building has undoubtedly facilitated wrongful acts.

The aforementioned labor dispute judgment shows that on the morning of July 14, 2016, Zheng Mou, a retired staff member of Jiaozuo China Travel Bank, borrowed the office from Zhao Mou, general manager of the Ministry of Defence, and said that he would go to Zhao Mou's office for tea at noon. Zhao worked in the bank for about 30 years. During his tenure as General Manager of the Security Department of Jiaozuo China Travel Bank, there was an office area of about 20 square meters on the 9th floor of 909 room of the bank's building office. Zhao Mou left the office after work at noon that day and left the key to the security guard, arranging to lend the office to Zheng Mou for use at noon. Later, instead of going to Zhaomou's office on the 9th floor, 909, Zhengmou took the office key from the security office and led other people to the office, using forged seals and looking for someone to impersonate the chairman of China Travel Bank, to carry out the fraud of the ticket.

After the incident, Zhao was dismissed and released from the labor contract for serious dereliction of duty and malpractice.

The reason given by Jiaozuo China Travel Bank is that the act of lending office provides great convenience for criminal suspects to commit criminal activities and is the necessary condition for the implementation of the whole criminal activities. Zhao's lending to the independent office of the brigade bank is an act of malpractice. As the general manager of the security department, Zhao Mu should strictly abide by the management regulations of financial institutions. He should strengthen the management and education of security personnel. He should register and verify the non-normal working hours of outsiders and properly keep his office keys, while he willfully lends his office to them. Criminals do not examine foreign personnel, which is a serious dereliction of duty. "

Zhao's serious dereliction of duty and malpractice caused great losses to China Travel bank. After the fraud case, China Travel Bank received a request from Hengfeng Bank for payment of 2 billion yuan.


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