Beijing communications authority interviewed 8 unregistered website access companies

Beijing communications authority interviewed 8 unregistered website access companies

Source: Beijing Communications Administration

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Communications Administration interviewed a small number of illegal enterprises for unregistered access to their websites, criticized the existing problems and demanded immediate rectification.

The number of unregistered websites ranked high and the rate of website archiving was low. There were 8 enterprises, including data analysts, Shouxin Networks, Zhongjiaxin, Sail Networks, Shouxin Fusion, Digital Home, Netcom Unicom and Gome Cloud. The head of the relevant office of Beijing Administration has led the enterprises to study the relevant provisions and penalties of the entry link of "Network Security Law", "Anti-terrorism Law" and "Provisions for True Identity Information of Telephone Users" (Order No. 25 of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), requesting that the main responsibility of enterprises be conscientiously implemented and that the access problems of unregistered websites be solved immediately. Rectification, and report the rectification in writing. Enterprises will immediately take corrective measures such as stopping access to existing problems according to the requirements, and promise to earnestly fulfill their legal responsibilities in future work, further improve the means of technical monitoring, conscientiously identify weak links in management, and play an important role in access enterprises.

In the future, the Beijing Administration will continue to strengthen the management of Internet infrastructure such as website filing, strengthen the supervision of unregistered websites, further improve the accuracy of website filing and information filing, and play a proper role in creating a healthy and orderly Internet environment in the capital.

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