Direct attack Shang Shang Fei fly with Tencent cloud strategic cooperation to promote aircraft intelligent manufacturing

Direct attack Shang Shang Fei fly with Tencent cloud strategic cooperation to promote aircraft intelligent manufacturing

Sina Technologies News, November 12, afternoon, China Merchant Airlines Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Tencent Cloud recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G applications and promotion in the aviation industry and related upstream and downstream areas. Tencent, which intends to connect the industrial Internet, points to high altitude.

Shang Fei has attracted the attention of the outside world, mainly from the C919 large passenger aircraft. Shangfei, as the assembly and manufacturing center of China Commercial Airlines, undertakes the development and production tasks of C919 large passenger aircraft and CR929 long-distance wide-body passenger aircraft between China and Russia. According to reports, Shangfei has been exploring how to integrate AI and other technologies with aircraft manufacturing, while Tencent is also making efforts to intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet.

According to the content of the cooperation agreement, Shangfei and Tencent Cloud will cooperate extensively in the application and promotion of frontier technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Security, 5G Network, AR, Unmanned Driver, etc. For example, a joint working group will be set up to carry out project cooperation, scientific and technological research, discussion and pilot test of application. Try.

Around 5G, the two sides will cooperate in many aspects, including: jointly exploring opportunities for cooperation in network security and information security in 5G intelligent manufacturing, conducting 5G field test verification in related fields, building 5G field test network and application demonstration; jointly promoting and standardizing industry in 5G industrial Internet policy. Promote the establishment of "5G Artificial Intelligence Joint Innovation Laboratory" and the landing of 5G Intelligence Park.

About the 5G AI Joint Innovation Laboratory, it is introduced that it will mainly focus on the application of AI innovation in the field of aviation manufacturing in 5G network, focusing on computer vision, speech recognition, natural semantics understanding, large data analysis and mining and other related technologies, in the predictive maintenance of equipment, production process, health. The application of manufacturing process quality inspection, product quality inspection and other intelligent manufacturing scenarios.

In the agreement, the two sides indicated that in the early stage, they would sort out some key scenario projects with high technology maturity and high market replication for scheme verification and testing, and promote landing. For example, the use of AI technology to detect internal defects in composite materials. In addition, the two sides will jointly train 5G technical engineers and systems integration application engineers for the industrial field, and carry out training related to 5G artificial intelligence applications for the industrial field.

Yu Zemin, general manager of ShangFei Shanghai Company, said that aircraft is a highly complex product and a highly intelligent product. Intelligent manufacturing is the only way for aircraft manufacturing. After Ma Huateng's restructuring of Tencent, he emphasized the opportunity of industrial Internet. In his view, now all industries begin to transform and upgrade, and enter the high-speed development stage of industrial Internet, which is also a very good position and opportunity for Tencent. (Li Nan)

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