"Double eleven" ten years lead consumption upgrade data record

The original title "double eleven" ten years leading consumption upgrade

Reporter Chang Jia Rui

At 0 o'clock in November 11th, the "double eleven" promotion began in 2018. This is the tenth "double eleven" promotion campaign. Some experts pointed out that the highlights of this year's "Double Eleventh" can be summarized as "four good + two links", including "good goods", "fun", "good service", "good quality", "global" and "online and offline". "Double Eleventh" has long been not only a festival of Tianmao, but also a grand festival for businessmen and consumers all over China and the world. It is also a grand tour of global commercial forces and has become the Olympic Games in the commercial field.

Data record

On the basis of the high base of 168.2 billion yuan in 2017, sales of "Double Eleven" Cats in 2018 are still at a record high. On the 11th, 10 minutes and 21 seconds, the total turnover of "Shuang11" in 2018 exceeded 1 billion yuan; in 02 minutes and 05 seconds, the total turnover of "Shuang11" in Tianmao had exceeded 10 billion yuan, a new record; in 15:49 minutes and 39 seconds, the total turnover of "Shuang11" in 2018 exceeded 168.2 billion yuan, exceeding the full-day turnover of "Shuang11" in 2017.

Suning big data show that as of 11 noon at 12 o'clock, its online orders grew 138% over the same period last year. On the eastern side of Beijing, at 22:56 on November 10, the total amount of orders placed by the Beijing East 11.11 Global Good Things Festival exceeded 100 billion yuan; on November 11, 09:36, the total amount of orders placed by the Beijing East Global Good Things Festival exceeded last year's 1-11 days; as of 14:00, the total amount of orders placed by the Beijing East Global Good Things Festival exceeded 135.4 billion yuan.

In 2017, the sales volume of the whole network reached 253.97 billion yuan, an increase of 43.50% over the same period of last year. Among them, Tianmao was 168.2 billion yuan, an increase of 39.35% over the same period of last year. Cao Lei, director of Electronic Commerce Research Center, predicts that Tianmao's "Double Eleventh" is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan for the first time this year. In addition, other industry-wide e-commerce platforms, including Jingdong, Suning and so on, will promote more than 300 billion yuan during the "Double Eleventh" period. The annual growth of the "double eleventh" index level constantly verifies the fact that this year's peak will be the norm next year.

Sino-Thai Securities concludes that this year's "Double Eleventh" trading volume continues to grow at a high speed, and the driving force of growth is from three major changes, including Ali's comprehensive support for life and entertainment business, Tianmao traffic significantly increased; consumer double-line shopping trend is obvious, "Double Eleventh" offline channels to expand again; shopping and social networking. The trend of the trend is that the "social networking + e-commerce" mode is expected to provide greater assistance.

Another noteworthy change is that the major platforms participating in the "Double Eleventh" promotion are emphasizing the increasing proportion of "quality consumption". According to data from East Beijing, high-end mobile phones, embedded dishwashers, global purchases of medical and health products, high-end clothing and luxury goods and other high-quality, novel and exotic explosives are selling well in this Beijing-East Global Good Things Festival. Offline innovative retail stores and activities supported by various black technologies are popular, covering the quality and service guarantee of the whole shopping chain. All of these support the arrival of the era of high quality consumption.

Business Olympics

In late summer of 2009, Zhang Yongwei, who just became general manager of Taobao Mall, launched the first "Double Eleven" to boost sales. For the first time in 2009, Alibaba earned $7.8 million; in 2017, Alibaba sold more than $25 billion worth of goods, making it one of the world's largest shopping activities. Zhang Yong called it "from building up" to "business Olympics".

As the product of the era under the E-commerce festival, "Double Eleventh" has spread to become one of the main battleground of major e-commerce platforms. The giants such as Tianmao, Jingdong, Suning and Materialism will attack from top to bottom in an all-round way. "11.11 Days Cat Global Carnival", "11.11 Beijing East Global Good Things Festival", "11.11 Suning National Carnival" and "11.11 Eleven Material Will Be Different" and other e-commerce promotions will be launched one after another, setting off a new consumption climax before the end of the year.

According to the incomplete statistics of the E-Commerce Research Center, this year's "Double Eleventh" has attracted more than 100 e-commerce platforms, including Gome, Amazon China, the second-tier platforms, as well as many social e-commerce platforms, such as Tianmao, Jingdong and Suning E-Commerce. Mogujie.com, praise, cross-border business platform, fast selling, NetEase koala shopping, ocean pier, temple library, vertical platform Beibei nets, baby trees, honey buds, boutique electronic business platform NetEase strictly selected, millet products, fresh new retail boxes, fresh horses, daily excellent and fresh, as well as life service platform flying pigs, * the United States, Ctrip and so on.

As of press release, data from major platforms continue to record. With the increasing transaction data, the annual "Double Eleventh" is a big test of social and commercial infrastructure, such as commerce, payment, logistics and services, and constantly pushes up the limit of commercial efficiency. One of the key links is the logistics system. According to the forecast issued by the State Post Office on November 8, it is estimated that the mail and express business volume handled by the whole industry will exceed 1.87 billion items from November 11 to 16. The peak of network pressure will occur from 11 to 12 days, and the maximum daily processing capacity may be more than 3 times that of daily processing.

In view of the huge demand for express service in the peak season, postal and express enterprises have made full preparations. In the network, transfer center, vehicles, personnel and other aspects, increased investment by about 20%, the information system has also been targeted expansion.

According to rookie data, at 10:36 on November 11, Tianmao Shuangxi Logistics Orders exceeded 657 million in 2018, exceeding Shuang11 Full-day Orders in 2016, an increase of 8 hours and 13 minutes over 2017. Tang Wei, Vice President of Jingdong and head of Jingdong Logistics Open Business, said that according to the data, the proportion of orders reached on the same day and the next day reached 90%.

Online and offline results

It is worth noting that behind the huge increase in turnover, the ecological effect of online and offline linkage of "Double Eleventh" has become the weight of the major platforms to bet and attract consumers.

Tmall, Taobao, box horse, Yintai, hungry *, word of mouth, flying pigs, Youku and other Alibaba eco business were first assembled in Tmall's "double eleven". From the new retail business, it is also quite fruitful. On November 11, boxed horses opened two stores in Beijing. The number of boxed horses in Beijing reached 19. According to the data, at 11:36 a.m. on November 11, boxed horses opened for only two and a half hours. The turnover of boxed horses in China has exceeded that of last year's "Double Eleventh" all day.

Ali local life service company joined Tianmao "Double Eleven" as a new army, hungry and word-of-mouth linkage of 1 million local businesses catering, fruits, flowers, entertainment, and 3 million rider brothers joined, so that Tianmao "Double Eleven" upgraded to cover the whole scene of "eating, drinking, clothing, living and travel".

According to data provided by Ali, nearly 800,000 users flocked to Apple to buy off-line consumer packages 30 minutes before the November 11 robbery, more than three times the number of purchases per day; by 9 a.m., hungry retail orders increased by 114% year on year, and new retail orders increased by 106% year on year.

In addition, Suning Easy-to-buy launched 10,000 stores to participate in the "double eleven" campaign, which raised 10 billion yuan for 5 million wayward paying users and 1 billion yuan for "better use" shopping subsidies. As of 11, 12 points, led the line orders increased by 52% over the same period.

Jingdong is also working with 60 stores under the line, integrating online and offline resources, and participating in "double eleven". These stores include National Jingdong Home, Jingdong Convenience Store, Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket, 7FRESH and other innovative formats.

At the same time, the industry reminds that "Double Eleventh" has reached its tenth year, but the current safety ecology of online shopping is not optimistic. Nov. 10, 360 released the "Double Eleventh Online Shopping Safety and Ecology Report 2018", which shows that the counterfeit shopping APP covers 300,000 users, and the hot e-commerce is unavoidable. In the past month, the number of fake counterfeiting mainstream shopping APP is close to 4000, covering more than 300 thousand devices. Among them, the most counterfeited shopping apps are mobile phone Taobao, which reaches 1,148 and covers more than 170,000 devices; the second is Pingduo, which covers 639 counterfeiters; Tianmao, Jingdong, Metro and other shopping platforms are among the top ten in the list of counterfeiters. 360 pointed out that false shopping APP is similar to phishing website, which may result in property loss due to the risk of depositing and stealing user account information.

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