Tmall "double eleven" turnover exceeded 213 billion 500 million yuan, 10 years increased by more than 4100 times.


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Original title Tmall's "double eleven" turnover exceeded 213 billion 500 million yuan, 10 years increased by more than 4100 times.

Trainee reporter Wu Xiaolu

"Shuangxi was born in the summer of 2009, after the National Day, before Christmas and New Year's Day, both online and offline are very light." Hu Yuling, the creator and general manager of Tianmao Overseas, recalled to the media: "After a very occasional brainstorming, the eight words"50% discount for the whole audience, national package mail"made everyone in the office applaud."

This year is the tenth year of Tianmao's "Double Eleventh" festival. Up to its publication, reporters from Securities Daily have seen on the real-time data display screen of Tianmao's "Double Eleventh" global Carnival activities that the turnover has exceeded 213.5 billion yuan. In 2009, the "double eleven" transcript was 52 million yuan, an increase of more than 4100 times.

Witness of consumption upgrading

The ten years of Tmall's "double eleven" are just like the condensed drama of China's ten years of economic and social change. In 2009, only 27 brands participated, and more than 180,000 brands have joined this year, an increase of more than 6,600 times over that of 2009. The three most popular household gadgets in 2009 were heaters, electric heaters and humidifiers, which were replaced last year by floor-sweeping robots, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

Zhu Keli, a new economic expert at the National Research Center and executive director of Zhishi Institute of Economics, told Securities Daily that from the perspective of consumption, this year's tenth "Double Eleventh" cat intuitively shows the huge explosive power and extraordinary creativity of the current consumer market. In the "Troika" of stimulating the national economy, the leading role of consumption has been highlighted, and the trend of high-end, personalized and diversified consumption has been fully reflected.

"From the perspective of China's economy, Tianmao's"Double Eleventh"reflects the increasing domestic consumption and global purchasing power, which together constitute the consumption support for China's high-quality economic development. China's economy is expected to become a stronger engine of the world economy through further reform and opening up. Zhu Li said.

According to rookie network data, in 2018, Tianmao's "Double Eleventh" all-day logistics orders set a world record again, with 1.042 billion orders. The national intelligent logistics backbone network has entered the 1 billion single era.

Ten years later, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, believes that "Double Eleven" is not a discount day, but a Thanksgiving Day. It is a day for manufacturers to thank consumers with the best commodities and prices. "Double Eleventh" is no longer a promotional activity, but a cultural exchange, happy sharing, a festival created by the Chinese and recognized by the whole world.

From line to line

Tianmao President Jingjie said that after ten years of development, the content of the "Double Eleventh" Carnival has undergone a radical change, and consumers have covered the cities and countryside at home and abroad.

Online and offline integration is a major attraction of this year's "double eleven". Reporters learned on the spot that 200,000 new retail wisdom stores, 100 key business circles in 12 new retail ideal cities, 62 Yintai Department stores, 41 natural homes, nearly 100 boxes of Ma Xiansheng, 470 new retailers Chao, 1 million hungry retailers and word-of-mouth merchants all participated in Tianmao Shuangxi, and its impact. The force is fully extended to the next line.

"It only took two and a half hours today, and the sales of box horses have exceeded the sales of last year's"Double Eleven"all day. "Today, there are two new stores in Beijing. There are 93 new stores. Before Shuang12 this year, there will be 100 stores in Beijing," the official in charge of Boxhorse Fresh Life told Securities Daily.

Li Tong, deputy director of the Innovation and Network Supervision Research Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision, said that with the advent of the digital economy era, online and offline consumption is deeply integrated, and personalized customized consumer response is more accurate and timely, and the online shopping model may bring about new changes.  

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