Fake goods can only be communicated with acquaintances and shopkeepers. How long can they trust?

Fake goods can only be communicated with acquaintances and shopkeepers. How long can they trust?

How long can the business model that the original title receives fake goods but can only communicate with acquaintances and shopkeepers and gather overdraft trust last?

Reporter Jordan Gao Fang Fang

It was formally launched in May 2015, and its business model has been developing rapidly through S2b2c. S2b2c is a kind of integrated marketing mode which combines suppliers, clustered shopkeepers and consumers. Among them, with the help of personal credit, shopkeepers use social tools to disseminate supplier's commodity information for consumers, and provide pre-sale and after-sale services, from which consumers enjoy the "wholesale price".

The transaction behavior under the S2b2c mode is based on the premise that consumers trust the shopkeeper. Reporters found that consumers from the pre-sale purchase of consulting goods to after-sales services, are docked with shopkeepers, they are difficult to get in touch with the gathering of customer service. Then, if the transaction raises related rights and interests issues, who will protect the rights and interests of consumers? Is the shopkeeper still gathering?

Authorization and doubt

From 2016 to 2018, although the gathering was repeatedly investigated and punished by Hangzhou Municipal Market Regulatory Bureau for false propaganda, and on May 12, 2017, it was fined 9584106 yuan by Hangzhou Municipal Market Regulatory Bureau for organizing pyramid sales because of the existence of "entry fees", "pulling people's heads" and "team payment" in business activities, but this seems to have no effect. Gathered to accelerate the pace of expansion. In December 2016 and April 2018, it won a 228 million yuan A round of financing and a $120 million B round of financing. Open data show that the gathering has more than 4 million shopkeepers, more than 30 million VIP members, the highest daily sales exceeded 588 million yuan.

Shopkeeper Xiaojun told reporters that the reason why they joined the gathering was because they valued the high cost-performance ratio of products and the platform characteristics of guaranteed product quality. According to Gathering official website, Gathering has signed strategic cooperation with many domestic and foreign first-line brands. On the details page of products, Gathering said that all products are supplied directly by domestic and foreign certified suppliers or brands.

Then, can consumers really guarantee the quality of products purchased by consumers?

A few days ago, Ms. Zhang, a consumer, told reporters that the sixth generation of AHC eye cream (30ml) purchased by shopkeepers, appeared partial paint dropping during the use of the package. The products provided by Ms. Zhang show that the surface of the eye tube has two distinct traces of paint. Ms. Zhang suspected that she had bought a fake.

Reporters inquired about this product information on the gathering of VIP. The product is called AHC B5 Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream of the sixth generation, with 30 ml and 12 ml specifications. On the details page of the product, it shows that the product is shipped to the bonded warehouse. In the authentic guarantee statement, the gathering said that all goods are supplied directly by domestic and foreign certified suppliers or brands.

Reporters logged on to gather VIP, on AHC eye cream, the reporter asked the gathered customer service to view the relevant authorization information before purchasing the goods. The gathered customer service told the reporter that the gathered has the authorization documents for the products, but the consumers can not view them before purchasing. Asked why, the gathered customer service said that the order number is the only way to view, a single product can not view the authorization information. Reporters once again asked customer service for several items of goods authorization information for the gathering of bonded warehouses, were told that no goods can be purchased to view products related authorization.

According to Article 8 of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, consumers have the right to know the real situation of the goods they buy or use or the services they receive. The tenth rule shows that consumers have the right to fair trade. Is this a conflict? Reporters on the above-mentioned related matters called and sent mail to the gathering, the phone was hung up, as of the date of publication, the reporter did not receive a response from the company.

In response to the phenomenon of paint dropping from AHC eye cream package sold on the gathering, the reporter contacted the Chinese side of AHC, and the relevant person in charge responded that he did not know about the sale of AHC on the gathering. When the reporter proposed whether to issue a related statement, the other side said it would communicate with the brand side. As of the release date, the reporter did not receive the relevant written statement.

After sale resistance

Ms. Zhang told reporters that after discovering the phenomenon of eye cream paint dropping, she tried to contact the gathered customer service, but after many searches, no relevant contact information was found.

Reporters search through mobile App Store, there are two types of e-commerce App, one for the gathering, the other for the gathering VIP, the developers of the two platforms are the same as Zhejiang Merchants Optimal E-commerce Co., Ltd. When a reporter tries to login to the platform to contact customer service, the platform needs to register as a shopkeeper to register.

Shopkeeper Xiaojun told reporters that the use rights of the two platforms are different, the gathering is limited to the use of shopkeepers, shopkeepers can see through the gathering profit sharing after selling products. Cluster VIP is open to ordinary users. Ordinary users can view commodity information through this platform. However, if they want to contact customer service, they need to get the shopkeeper's invitation code or subscribe for a product with a value of 398 yuan to login to the cluster VIP before they can talk to customer service. Otherwise, consumers can only contact shopkeepers to deal with after sales.

Providing pre-sale and after-sale services for consumers by shopkeepers is one of the characteristics of the clustered S2b2c model. Then, when consumers encounter after-sale problems and contact with the clustered customer service is hindered, they can only seek after-sale services from shopkeepers, who is protecting the rights and interests of consumers? Gathered or shopkeepers? Reporters called and sent mail to the gathering, the phone was hung up, as of the date of publication, the reporter did not receive a response from the company.

"Cheap" coat

The concepts of "genuine guarantee", "authorization" and "wholesale price for shopping" are the concepts of S2b2c mode to export to consumers. Xiao Shangliao, the founder of the gathering, said in an open letter released on October 8 that the platform "achieves competitive advantage in wholesale price through extreme selection". "Registration gathered App, shopping enjoy wholesale price", gathered WeChat public number is also tagged.

This time, the package faded and consumers could not check their authorized AHC eye cream before purchasing. The price of the product on the cluster was 99 yuan for two, while the price of the product on the official overseas flagship store of AHC was 107 yuan per unit. On the packaging of commodities, the commodities of two stores are also separated. The official overseas flagship store of AHC is joint limited package, which is sold in blue normal packaging.

So, do you really have the competitive advantage of "wholesale price" if you put aside the words of genuine goods, authorization and so on, and look at the commodities on which the authorization certificate has been displayed on the cluster?

Consumer Ms. Chen disclosed to reporters that a model of WHP13R81 soybean milk mill was on sale at 369 yuan on Nov. 7 and 329 yuan after full reduction, while the same product sold at 299 yuan on the flagship store of kitchen appliances in Beijing and East America on the same day.

Consumer Mr. Zhang disclosed to reporters that his valued GPS model of Apple Watch Series 4 smart watches had an original price of 3599 yuan, a time-limited sale price of 3199 yuan and an official Apple website price of 3199 yuan. At present, Apple Watch Series 4 is in a relatively tight supply situation. If it is purchased through channels other than Apple's official stores and official websites, it can be referred to as 0.96 times the price of official websites, the person in charge of Hangzhou Soutecom Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., the official authorized company of Apple, told reporters.

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