The number is getting better and the voice is changing: the ten year itch of "double 11".

The number is getting better and the voice is changing: the ten year itch of

The ten year itch of the original title "double 11"

Source Beijing business daily

Author Tao Feng

"Double 11" for ten years should really itch. The numbers will still look good, but there will be more and more different voices.

Some people feel regrets no longer, too many routines. Knowing the Gauss theorem and the law of Luo Da Da can not save much money. Consumers began to be insensitive to prices, and various shopping festivals could not stimulate consumers'desire to buy more and more. Some people are still in high spirits. Whether consumption is upgraded or downgraded, the general benefits of technology and the consumption base of GDP determine that there will always be more participants than spectators in this feast.

In late summer of 2009, Taobao Mall has not yet become a cat. Shuang11 only reminds people of singles'festival, Singles' Day. Zhang Yong, who has just become the general manager of Taobao Mall, said to his subordinates, "What should we do in November? Let's pull up our contacts." Thus, the first "double 11" was born.

To some extent, Shuang11 has changed the fate of Skycats and even Alibaba. The Festival drew attention to the unattractive Skycat in the Alibaba system at that time, and then it broke through a siege in thousands of B2C e-commerce businesses, becoming the industry hegemony that now occupies more than 50% of the market share.

Ten years later, if we only look at Shuang11 from the perspective of Skycat, people will think that this pattern is too low. In "Shuang11" year after year, mobile payment and logistics network built the infrastructure of e-commerce growth in the past decade. Retail gradually moved to new retail, and the consumer iteration was completed.

Invisible, "double 11" has the burden of idols. Regardless of Ali's reluctance, the digital growth of Shuang11 could not stop, or even be too slow. After all, over the past ten years, it has been regarded as a symbol of Alibaba, China's e-commerce industry and even the vitality of the whole Chinese economy, intentionally or unintentionally.

Over the past decade, China's investment and foreign trade dependence have both declined, replaced by a sharp rise in the contribution rate of consumption. The consumer side is activated to release enormous kinetic energy and repeatedly "press" on the active supply side. The situation of Shuang11 has also become delicate. This online shopping event needs to drive the transformation of manufacturing industry, not only to cope with the pressure of foreign trade, but also to pave the way for consumption upgrading.

Stimulating domestic demand and stimulating consumption through the Internet has become a new channel of economic growth, but the time point of artificial consumption may also reduce the actual increment due to the nibble effect, and the crisis of growth often follows. Whether "Shuang11" can become the power to stimulate consumption and expand domestic demand requires the transformation of new retail and manufacturing industries.

According to Ma Yun, "Shuang11" Alibaba does not make money, and many businesses participating in "Shuang11" also say that they only make a good deal of money, but they don't make much money, and the goods they buy will not be how cheap they picked up. So where is the money? If a man-made shopping festival, platform, merchants and consumers all claim that they have not won, how to continue is a serious topic.

Next year, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong will take over as chairman of the board of directors of Ma Yun. Ma Yun's 30 years are also the 30 year of China's Internet. The ten year of "double 11" is just the ten year that China's new economy has just started. When the volume of "Shuang11" trade exceeded 200 billion yuan this year, the retail industry may be close to the ceiling. The next extreme to be broken through will be the supply side.

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