Xi'an: couriers will be expelled from the industry three times a month for traffic offences.

Xi'an: couriers will be expelled from the industry three times a month for traffic offences.

This newspaper Xi'an November 11 (Reporter Gong Shijian) facing the "double 11" express transport peak, Xi'an traffic police department recently established a traffic infringement system with express association. Express officers'traffic infringement will be notified by Traffic Police Association and copied to enterprises. From this day on, the courier who has been punished once in a month shall be given critical education; if he has been punished twice in a month, he shall be deducted from certain wages; if he has been punished three times or more in a month or five times or more in a year, the enterprise shall be dismissed, and the information shall be recorded in the personal traffic civilization file, which shall be carried out by the association in the whole city's industry. Notification is not allowed to work as a courier in Xi'an.

On the morning of November 9, Xi'an Traffic Police Department, Xi'an Express Industry Association and Xi'an Post Administration jointly held the mobilization conference of "Express Industry Civilization Line", and 16 express enterprises such as Express, Yuantong, Yunda and Shunfeng were invited to attend.

According to Zhao Yongqiang, deputy director of propaganda and legal department of traffic police detachment of Xi'an Public Security Bureau, this activity is to enhance the awareness of courier and takeout brothers to abide by the law and regulations, establish the concept of civilized travel, cultivate good habits of civilized travel, and from me on, focus on solving the problem of courier delivery with high relevance to people's lives and high social concern. Tricycle safety problem. According to the requirements of "highlighting key sections, taking into account general areas, combining fixed-point investigation with patrol control, centralized regulation with regular regulation", traffic police departments will intensify Road law enforcement and source control, regularly deploy police forces in key areas and sections, and reverse the speed of Express electric tricycles, run red lights, etc. Traffic violations such as speeding and occupancy of fast lanes have been comprehensively improved and dealt with strictly according to law.

Reporters learned that this "civilized tour of express industry" will start a three-month special renovation. Express enterprises in Xi'an will carry out demonstration creation, education and publicity, special renovation, selection of "Top Ten Star Express Officers" and other activities to coordinate with the renovation of Xi'an traffic police in an all-round way, so as to form conscious compliance in the whole industry. The new trend of civilization.

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