Experts predict: this year, double 11 of the whole industry GMV will exceed 300 billion yuan.

Experts predict: this year, double 11 of the whole industry GMV will exceed 300 billion yuan.

China Securities Network News (reporter Chang Jiarui) every year double 11, is a commercial, payment, logistics and services and other social and commercial infrastructure test, constantly pushing the limits of business efficiency.

According to the incomplete statistics of the Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN), this year, Shuangxi has attracted more than 100 different types of e-commerce platforms besides Tianmao, Jingdong and Suning Easy-to-buy platforms, including Gome, Amazon China, the second-tier platforms, and the social e-commerce platforms, such as numerous, clustered, micro-stores and Xiaohong. Books,, praise, cross-border business platform, fast selling, NetEase koala shopping, ocean pier, temple library, vertical platform Beibei nets, baby trees, honey buds, boutique electronic business platform NetEase strictly selected, millet products, fresh new retail boxes, fresh horses, daily excellent and fresh, as well as life service platform flying pigs, * the United States, Ctrip and so on.

Cao Lei, director of E-commerce Research Center, predicts that Tianmao Shuang11 will exceed 200 billion yuan for the first time this year. In addition, other industry-wide e-commerce platforms, including Jingdong and Suning, will promote more than 300 billion yuan during the period of Shuang11. The annual double-eleven exponential growth, constantly verifying the fact that this year's peak will be next year's normal.

Cao Lei said that the highlights of Shuang11 this year can be summarized as "four good + two links" in general, including "good goods", "fun", "good service", "good quality", "global" and "online and offline". Shuang11 has long been not only a festival of Tianmao, but also a grand festival for businessmen and consumers all over China and the world. It is also a grand tour of global commercial forces and has become the Olympic Games in the commercial field.

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