What are the logic of the cross-border business hotels, including Ali, Ctrip and NetEase?

What are the logic of the cross-border business hotels, including Ali, Ctrip and NetEase?

The original title: E-commerce giants have been cross-border Hotel industry, Ali, Ctrip and Netease have their own logic?

Tong Lin Ge


What is the Avenir Hotel like? Robot guides and customers brush their faces to open doors, which may be an explanation given by Flyzoo Hotel.

Whether later Alibaba, or the predecessors of Netease strictly selected and Ctrip, these distinctive cross-border Hotel industry, are doing a "small and beautiful" breakthrough test in their respective areas of expertise...

Avant garde Ali

"Technology sense" is the key word of Ali Avenir Hotel.

Near the "Double Eleventh", Ali announced that its Hotel brand, Fizubuke, which has been quiet for more than two years, will officially appear in Hangzhou for trial business. Business information shows that Zhejiang Avenir Hotel Network Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in May 2016. It is a joint venture between the flying pig (also called Ali travel), the first brigade hotel group and the Shiji information three party. It is the operator of the Arian Hotel project.

Prior to that, Li Shaohua, former president of flying pig, once said that the traditional hotel industry needs transformation and upgrading. To this end, in the process of developing hotel products, the three parties have tried to integrate a large number of Internet technologies, such as face recognition, digital management, fast payment and so on, and have carried out experiments in single hotels.

Version 1.0 of FutureHotels implements deposit-free, rounds-free and queuing-free user experience through "Credit Residence". The 2 version superimposed online selection, smart door locks, self-help Check-in and other functions. "The overall idea is to help hotels to carry out the single point data transformation and realize the optimization of user experience." Ali Avenir Hotel CEO Wang Qun said.

Philadelphia Buthi is version 3.0 of "Future Hotel". It provides "black technology" including intelligent robot service, customer identity recognition based on covering the whole scene in the hotel, touch-free door control, senseless ladder control automatic opening, etc.

The landing of the hotel project also conforms to Ma Yun's "new retail" concept, that is, enabling offline product sales through online technology. * flying pig Public Relations Department official told reporters that "Philippine housing thirsty" through the intelligent system in Ali system, almost can achieve full machine services, and become a new retail display scene.

Nevertheless, there are still many doubts about the future hotel. In view of the "robotic service", some people believe that the service under the "unmanned scene" will make the guests lack the emotional experience of staying in the hotel.

To this end, * the head of the public relations department of Fei pig explained that Ali Avenir Hotel is not entirely like "no supermarket". The hotel lobby has a Service Ambassador, which can help guests solve problems that cannot be replaced by robots or systems, or give services to those who do not want to use intelligence. "Intelligent systems and service robots aim at eliminating simple and repetitive work, improving the overall efficiency of hotel services, and bringing some scientific and technological benefits to consumers. What really promotes the iteration of tourism is practical services, including the overall upgrading of service awareness and level of service in Hotel scenes, and always insisting on putting people in the first place. One. " Wang Qun said that AI is not omnipotent, but no one is absolutely impossible. AI is only one aspect that hotels use to improve service efficiency.

On October 17 this year, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said that he would integrate the whole group to build an Ecosphere for the travel industry. It is reported that the research and development of this product is divided into experience link, Hotel design, big data bottom service, intelligent robot and AI system, e-commerce and other links. Among them, flying pigs, Damour *, Ali cloud, A.I. Labs, Tmall and other departments are involved in the development of the hotel.

In addition to some eye-catching designs, Wang Qun believes that future hotels have improved on different pain points of traditional hotel models. For example, the digital operation platform mainly solves the problem of data decentralization in various departments of traditional hotels, as well as the historical problem of dynamic revenue management. By integrating the data of business departments such as guest room, sales, catering, market and revenue, on the one hand, it can reduce the number of employees in the front office, finance and other second-line functional departments and improve the efficiency ratio; on the other hand, it can predict future inventory and sales trends through historical data, automatically match the energy consumption needed on the day, and reduce the energy consumption ratio.

AI Intelligent Service Center can directly connect customer needs to departments and save the cost of front-end customer service. At the same time, it can also form a demand database to optimize and adjust the operational indicators of response. On the one hand, the digital management system of "hotel nails" extends the internal office function of nails, and accesses the intelligent data monitoring platform, which can identify non-staff in the working area and trigger early warning, as well as monitor the absence of personnel in the preset area, so as to improve the efficiency and security of the hotel operation.

According to Wang Qun, through the improvement of the capability of the hotel management platform system, the efficiency ratio of future hotels is 1.5 times that of traditional hotels of the same grade and scale. Through the digital and intelligent solution of the whole hotel system, Alibaba is putting brains on the hotel. This is another attempt that Alibaba has been emphasizing on the empowerment industry. In the future, these precipitated abilities may be empowered to other companies in the hotel industry.

Ctrip with its own hotel gene

"Data" is the key word of Ctrip's cross-border hotels.

In October 9, 2018, Ctrip formally announced the establishment of its own hotel brand "Li Cheng". According to Ctrip's official information, Licheng Hotel will be divided into three brands according to different locations, namely, Licheng Huating Hotel, Licheng Hotel, which locates super-high-end hotels, Licheng Hotel, which locates high-end full-service hotels, and Licheng Ruixuan Hotel, which locates high-end characteristic hotel brands. It is expected that by the end of this year, there will be more than 50 hotels joining Licheng, 250 hotels next year and more than 500 hotels in the following year.

Sun Gang, COO of Licheng Hotel, introduced that Licheng Hotel is neither a traditional hotel management company nor its own hotel group. The operation logic of Licheng Hotel is to focus on the important data operation, to provide data support to the hotel side joining the brand, to improve the management by user data analysis, including optimizing the hotel hardware facilities and service details, and to integrate resources and enhance the hotel's customer source by means of its own membership system and marketing system.

Brand technology service fee and brand usage fee will be the two main revenue sources of Licheng, including marketing support and data support.

The largest volume of travel data in the country is the bottom line of Ctrip. On November 8, Sun Jie, Chief Executive of Ctrip, said on a conference call: "From the perspective of transaction, Ctrip and Where to Go have 130 million annual trading users in China. These users consume more than 5,000 yuan annually on our platform, and the proportion of users under 29 is more than 50%. "In China's hotel market, the brand advantage of high-end and economic type is obvious. Chain economy hotels are gradually replacing low-priced single hotels, the brand of chain economy hotels is basically clear; and the market of high-end hotels, in addition to many large foreign and domestic groups, still has a lot of room for growth. Li Cheng Hotel project leader told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter.

The person in charge also said that at present, there is no hotel management company of the same type as Licheng in the world. Licheng adopts the mode of "Franchise Management + Direct Store", which emphasizes data operation and provides data support for hotel management. Licheng makes hotel product marketing into membership system and channel system, enhances operating efficiency through scenario operation, and achieves cross-platform resource sharing, ultimately enhances Hotel revenue. Through this way of thinking, not only can we upgrade the hotel's way of getting customers, but also we can solve the customers'needs by using efficient operation methods. These can not be achieved by using only a concept of technological packaging.

In November 8th, Ctrip released its third quarter 2018 earnings report. According to the financial report, Ctrip's net revenue in the third quarter was 9 billion 400 million yuan, up 15% from the same period last year, and its operating profit margin was 16%. Among them, accommodation contributes 3.6 billion yuan, and Licheng brand is the new business sector under Ctrip Dalian accommodation business group.

NetEase's strict pursuit of IP

Compared with ALI * and the founding gene, which owns the flying pig, the Ctrip, which comes with its own hotel, is the NetEase chosen by the NetEase, the first one to launch the hotel brand.

In August 2017, Netease Yanxuan launched the new space concept of "Ador. Netease Yanxuan Hotel", which is a scene e-commerce hotel of "use-as-you-buy" in conjunction with Yaduo, a fast-growing mid-end hotel brand in recent two years. At that time, the price of Yan Xuan Hotel ranged from 599 yuan to 1186 yuan, and was adjusted accordingly.

This cooperation opened the first cross-border cooperation between Netease and accommodation brands, and it is also the third IP theme hotel after Adorwu Hotel and The DRAMA Hotel. Yaduo was founded in 2013, and its brand tone has been advocating literary, leisure lifestyle, and keen to cross-border cooperation to create IP. As of May 6, 2018, Asia has 185 businesses in 121 cities across the country. On August 6, 2018, Ado officially announced the opening of AT-LAB (Ado Laboratory) strategy and jointly launched Tencent's first intelligent experience room.

Compared with the future hotel's sense of technology and Licheng hotel's business model, Ador Netease strictly chooses the hotel's main humanistic experience, pays attention to the simplicity of space, and uses logs and gray-white to construct a minimalist Nordic style. Most of the products in the hotel come from NetEase, and duo is responsible for daily operation and maintenance.

The head of the project told the Economic Observer that there is no equity part involved in the project of Ador Netease Rigorously Selected Hotel. The core of the cooperation between the two sides is to build a new consumption sample around consumption upgrading. Ya duo provides scenes and offline pedestrian flow. NetEase strictly selects merchandise and online passenger flow.

According to the data given by Netease Yanxuan, the hotel has received more than 150,000 people in the past year, with an overall positive rating of 96%. "Among them, 80% of hotel tenants are business people aged 25-35, which coincides with the core user portraits selected by Netease. Through the immersive product experience in hotels, Netease's strict selection of aesthetics of life has been recognized by more and more people, and at the same time, it has delivered a continuous stream of new users for Netease's strict selection. The person in charge said that Ado Netease's Rigorous Choice Hotel is a test of both sides'offline consumption scenarios. Netease's Rigorous Choice as an e-commerce brand hopes to make the life style of Netease's Rigorous Choice embodied in various life scenarios, so that consumers can more easily access the Rigorous Choice of Netease and experience the cost-performance ratio of Netease's Rigorous Choice of Goods. So offline, NetEase has also made more specific forms of integration, including apartments, bookstores and other retail formats.

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