Trendy media confirmed Baidu and a total of 1 billion 500 million yuan investment valuation of 12 billion yuan.

Trendy media confirmed Baidu and a total of 1 billion 500 million yuan investment valuation of 12 billion yuan.

Original Title: It is confirmed that the new media has won a total strategic investment of 1.5 billion yuan from Baidu and famous investment, with an estimated value of 12 billion yuan.

Source: billion euro

On the evening of Nov. 8, Euro 100 million Enterprise Service Channel reported that the new wave media had completed nearly 4 billion yuan of new financing. After Euro 100 million confirmed to the close traders, the financing was led by Baidu 1.2 billion yuan and the famous investment was 300 million yuan. It was not disclosed whether there were more investors. After the completion of this round of financing, the new wave media estimated. It's worth 12 billion yuan.

Founded in 2013, Xinchao Media received 60 million RMB Angel round financing in December 2014; in May 2017, it announced 1 billion yuan financing, with investors in five A-share listed companies, including 2345, Kaiying Network and Opel Lighting. According to Zhang Jixue, CEO of Xinchao Media, Xinchao Media covers more than 600,000 elevators in more than 100 cities nationwide, and plans to reach 1 million by the end of 2018.

Compared with rival Focus Media, the "BAT" favored by the new media is relatively late. As early as July 18, 2018, Focus Media accepted Alibaba's investment of 15 billion yuan. The external interpretation of this cooperation is an important manifestation of the expansion of mass media to offline retail. For Alibaba, it is an opportunity to expand the new offline scene.

Baidu invested in the new media, and Baidu is likely to cooperate with the new media in data, algorithms, intelligent advertising distribution to create a media traffic platform.

Not long ago, Xinchao Media released BITS for offline bees. Sun Liqun, vice president of Xinchao Media, said he had told Euro 100 million that the intelligent bee delivery system is the first national offline media data intelligent delivery platform developed by Xinchao through "big data + artificial intelligence". It has the characteristics of flexible pricing, online delivery, dynamic creativity and social crowd orientation, breaking the traditional trading mode and forming a new ecology of advertising industry.

Xinchao Media also revealed that the system will launch 610,000 elevator TV sets in 98 cities, providing one-stop intelligent marketing services.

People in the elevator building advertisement industry told Euro 100 million that the gross profit of elevator building advertisement is high and the profit point is obvious. Early entrants can obtain superior building resources, thus forming superior asset advantages, such as white-collar buildings and crowded buildings. With the resource space being compressed, the latter entrants need more energy and success. This has entered into a partnership with the property to obtain resources.

Zhang Jixue once said to the outside world that the new media is still a start-up company. At this stage, it will still take market possession as the main goal, and profit is not considered. Compared with rival Focus Media 90 billion market value, the new media still has growth potential. Elevator building advertisement has always been recognized as a field of value in the advertising industry because of its special scenery and obvious off-line cash value. Its core value lies in covering the most consuming people in the city. It is not difficult to see that BAT giants hope to find out off-line cash value by investing in this field.

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