Direct to |Booking group president Fogel: AI makes people's journey easier.

Direct to |Booking group president Fogel: AI makes people's journey easier.

The 5th World Internet Congress was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, from November 7 to 9, according to Sina Technological News on the evening of November 8. At the Business Summit Dialogue Forum chaired by Zhang Lei, founder and CEO of Gaolu Capital, Glenn Fogel, CEO and President of Shenke Group, expressed his views on the integration of digital economy and industrial Internet.

Glenn Fogel said that airline travelers are using AI technology to make better recommendations for travelers to make their journey easier and more convenient. Travel industry in the next 5-10 years will undergo changes beyond everyone's imagination, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G will make products more humane.

The following are selected from the transcript of Glenn Fogel's speech, which is organized by Sina Technology.

Zhang Lei: the topic we are discussing today is the integration of digital economy and industrial Internet. We also discussed the difference between industrial Internet and consumer Internet on another topic. I put forward a concept. I said that consumer Internet is mainly about connection. Baidu connects people with information, Tencent connects people with people. To integrate industrial Internet into every industry, we need to use scientific and technological means. Each industry is integrated. So my first question is, what kind of chemical reactions can AI and technology combine to their industries? If the consumer Internet is just a connection, only a physical change, this chemical reaction in their industry, what should AI technology do? Glenn Fogly, chief executive officer and CEO of BB group, has expressed his views.

Glenn Fogel: Thank you. I am very honored to be here. This is a good question. We have done many things to make the world a better place. Because many people want to travel, we use technology to make people travel easier. We have made many improvements, using AI technology to make products more humane. At first, products weren't personalized business models, but AI gave us data to make it easier for us to find some plans for these travelers. We can find out in five minutes where the person who wants to travel wants to go and recommend him, which makes their journey easier. It will also reduce their trouble and make future travel easier and more convenient.

For example, to Chicago in the United States, they don't know how to get to the hotel from the airport. You can go by bus, railway or carpool. There are many such problems. When, how much, and when to arrive. So travelers have to make a lot of decisions. We need big data to know what users need and what they like. So, this is a science of decision making, with many influencing factors. If there is no technology, we can not recommend them.

Zhang Lei: Today we will talk about digital economy, cultivate new momentum and create new life. Please tell us what opportunities digital economy has in your enterprise, what new momentum will appear in the next 5-10 years and what new life will be displayed.

Glen Fogel: I think the whole travel industry will change rapidly in the next ten years. Big data, artificial intelligence, 5G will make it easier for us to travel. Technology can solve many problems in the future, and this time is much faster than you think.

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