Vietnam: 50% of social users in 2020 use local social networks.

Vietnam: 50% of social users in 2020 use local social networks.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Information said in a statement today that by 2020, the Vietnamese government wants 50% of its social media users to use the domestic social network. Vietnam also plans to stop toxic messages on Facebook and Google networks.

At present, the Ministry of Information of Vietnam is drafting an Internet Code of Conduct to create a healthy and secure network environment.

Vietnam's Ministry of Information said in a statement today: "We are also studying measures aimed at preventing some negative and toxic information on two overseas platforms, Facebook and Google."

Last week, the Vietnamese government issued a long-awaited draft decree to guide preparations for the implementation of a network security regulation. For this regulation, some technology companies and rights organizations think that they will destroy development and hamper innovation.

At present, Facebook and Google do not have offices or local storage facilities in Vietnam. The two companies have objected to the localization requirements of the regulation.

In fact, Vietnam's Minister of Information, Nguyen Manh Hung, said in September that Vietnam should promote the development of local social networks to compete with international giants such as Facebook and win more market share.

In order to achieve the goal of "making 50% of social media users use their own social networks", the Vietnamese government today assigned the task to three local enterprises, namely Zalo, Mocha, a news application, and VCCorp, an online publisher.

At present, Zalo is Vietnam's main chat platform with more than 100 million users. In contrast, Mocha and VCCorp are far less popular than Google YouTube and Facebook. (Li Ming)

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