Zhu Xiaohu: takeaway makes Starbucks sales drop by 30% and has to embrace new models.

Zhu Xiaohu: takeaway makes Starbucks sales drop by 30% and has to embrace new models.

The 5th World Internet Congress was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, from November 7 to 9, according to Sina Technological News in the afternoon of November 8. In the afternoon session of "Peak Dialogue: Digital Economy under the Background of Economic Globalization", Zhu Xiaohu, managing director of Jinshajiang Venture Capital made a speech.

On the topic of the integration of digital economy and traditional economy, Zhu Xiaohu said that from the beginning of O2 O, digital economy and traditional economy began to integrate. The biggest industry of O2O is catering and transportation. Therefore, the comments and developments of the US group are very fast. However, he believes that the past five years are the integration of consumer Internet and digital economy. In the next five years, consumer Internet dividends will be less and less. Dividends will be in the field of enterprise services. "Digital economy goes deep into traditional industries to integrate, there are many opportunities in this area."

Zhu Xiaohu believes that Internet technology is the most important lever for digital economy to create value for traditional economy. For example, he said that Starbucks is embracing digital technology because the new company quickly occupied the market by taking out coffee, an emerging model, which led to a 20-30% drop in sales at Starbucks stores. "They feel pressure to embrace digital technology."

In his view, the digital economy can bring obvious experience to traditional industries. If every chain store has a camera, the camera can not only monitor the operation of the whole store, but also better serve customers. Again, he takes Starbucks as an example. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for users to enter the store and order coffee. If they can avoid queuing through the camera, it will bring great value. (Zhang Jun)

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