Liu Yuzhu: establishing a high level exchange mechanism of "cultural and cultural units + Internet enterprises"

Liu Yuzhu: establishing a high level exchange mechanism of

The 5th World Internet Congress of New Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) is being held in Wuzhen. On November 8, Liu Yuzhu, Director of the State Administration of Cultural Relics, put forward several suggestions on the cooperation between cultural relics units and Internet enterprises, proposing the establishment of "Cultural Relics Expo". The high level exchange mechanism between the museum and the Internet company.

In the past year, programs such as National Treasure and Talking If Cultural Relics have become popular. A short tremolo video featuring cultural relics brushed the screen on International Museum Day, and ancient paintings of the Palace Museum were compiled into songs and released albums. Cultural relics take on a new look through various technical carriers.

But Liu Yuzhu thought, "the road is blocked and long, the digital gap has not yet been bridged". He suggested that a variety of platforms and mechanisms for communication and cooperation should be established, including the "cultural relics + information technology industry" platform, the "cultural relics department + information field" and the "cultural relics museum unit + Internet enterprise" high-level communication mechanism, the open integration development platform with more small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multi-level. The mechanism of Cultural Heritage Exchange and cooperation platform is based on opening up and forms a pattern of extensive participation.

At the 4th World Internet Congress last year, Liu Yuzhu, on behalf of the State Administration of Cultural Relics, issued an initiative. Today, with the rapid development of Internet and artificial intelligence technologies, we hope that all parties will work together to integrate cultural resources into new technologies and provide richer cultural products and services for the society.

Today, Liu Yuzhu shared the fruits of the new world Internet Conference. Liu Yuzhu introduced that China has 767,000 immovable cultural relics, 180 million sets of state-owned movable cultural relics and a large number of folk collections. The total data of the national cultural relics resources database has exceeded 140 TB, which provides a rich resource base for the development and utilization of cultural relics resources. China's 130,000 cultural relics protection units and nearly 5,000 museums have basically achieved Internet coverage, excavating and displaying cultural relics stories through the network, app and other means.

At the same time, the construction of China's smart Museum continues to advance. Intelligent guided tours, interactive exhibitions, virtual animation and other means have been applied in more and more museums, bringing the audience a smart immersion Museum experience. New areas of cultural relics utilization are constantly expanding, cultural relics and education, tourism, creative design, animation and other fields are gradually developing, and cooperation with multiple Internet platforms has landed. In the past year, AI Museum Program and National Treasure TV programs have been appearing constantly. Through the Palace Museum community and digital Dunhuang products, Chinese cultural relics have been more widely accessed to the world on the Internet.

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