US media said China's navy will deploy bombardment 6J bombers to cover the South China Sea.

US media said China's navy will deploy bombardment 6J bombers to cover the South China Sea.

Original title: US media said the Chinese Navy's deployment of -6J will cover the South China Sea.

The PLA Navy Air Force has acquired a bomber-6J bomber with an anti-ship cruise missile made in Xi'an, the US diplomat's website reported on October 13. Analysis of satellite images showed that the first four bombers, believed to be upgraded versions of the bomber-6K, appeared at a naval air base in Guangxi in early September.

Reported that the bomber-6J is likely to replace the bomber-6G bomber, bomber-6G was in the early 1990s in the Navy Air Force service. The South China Sea fleet of the Chinese people's Liberation Army currently has about 14 to 18 -6G planes. Compared with the old model, the number of anti-ship missiles that the bomb-6J can carry has tripled, and the operational radius has increased by about 50 percent to 3500 kilometers.

Reported that these new naval air force bombers are likely to be subordinate to the PLA Southern theater naval air force. These aircraft are believed to be able to launch and patrol almost the entire South China Sea with two aerial refueling operations.

The upgrades include new fuselages, lighter composites, fuel-efficient new D-30-KP2 turbofan engines, advanced avionics and all-glass cockpits. The bomber is also equipped with a new long-range surface-searching radar and a photoelectric targeting pod for capturing targets. The bombardment of -6J is mainly an anti surface operational platform. It can carry as many as seven Hawk-12 supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles - six of them on wing hangers and one in bomb compartments.

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