Global Times: the United States to reduce the "spy" identified threshold will harm others.

Global Times: the United States to reduce the

Original title: editorial: the United States to reduce the "spy" identified threshold will harm others.

The U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday that it had extradited a "Chinese intelligence officer" arrested in Belgium to the United States and said the Chinese intelligence officer "tried to steal U.S. aerospace intelligence".

According to the US Department of Justice, the Chinese named Xu Yanjun, who also has two other names, is the deputy director of the sixth Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Security Department. According to the US side, Xu's main "criminal means" is to invite experts from leading US aerospace companies to visit China and give speeches, including experts from GE's aviation division. Media reports say that if convicted, Xu will receive up to 25 years' prison term.

Almost all analysts have linked Xu's arrest to a sharp decline in U.S. attitudes toward China. Apparently, the high-profile accusation against Xu is in line with the US strategic shift toward China, describing China as a strategic opponent who threatens US security by stealing US technology. Washington needs several concrete actions to mobilize American society. Xu is one such step.

Would it be a bad idea to invite some American experts to give a speech in China, to help them pay for their trip, and to give them a little speech? Almost every former president of the United States has been invited to speak in China and received a lot of speech fees. They all know a lot of American secrets. Are the people who helped them lead the way to China spy?

We don't know what the information released by the United States about Xu Yanjun is true, but as long as Xu's contacts with American experts are public and their activities in China are public, he should not be convicted of espionage. The accusations against him by the United States are untenable.

It is a very distorted mentality for the US side to continue to publicize China's large-scale espionage activities against the US and to believe that China's modernization was "stolen" from the US. The head of the U.S. Intelligence Agency recently claimed that China was the widest, most complex and longest intelligence threat to the United States, a serious misjudgment of Sino-US economic and technological exchanges based on a misconception of the era of globalization.

The U.S. side now suspects that Chinese scholars engaged in exchanges with the U.S. are generally espionage, and even think that students studying in the U.S. are also "stealing" the vitality of American science and technology. This is to pull human communication back to the Middle Ages. The U.S. should turn off the Journal Science to prevent the Chinese from learning American-style roast chicken and potatoes. Article.

After Xu Yanjun was arrested, so many people who have participated in Sino-US scientific exchanges and organized such exchanges, are they still safe? We don't know whether this sense of insecurity is deliberately created and spread by the United States, and whether a small number of American political elites have hysterically argued that the United States should really cut itself off from China and move towards mutual isolation.

How arrogant is this shock-like restructuring of the rules of modern civilization, and whether American politicians really know what they are doing, we are highly skeptical.

Unfortunately, there will be some Chinese, and probably some Americans, who will be persecuted by the U.S. government in the process, and many more who will be negatively impacted by the expansion of the U.S. espionage movement, their careers and even their personal lives. We can only hope that the extreme performance of the US will not become more frenzied than Mccarthy doctrine.

It seems that the United States wants to turn the Xu Yanjun case into a so-called "iron case" to make a footnote on the positioning of the United States as a "strategic opponent" of China. As everyone knows, the United States has the largest intelligence network in the world and the most radical means of engaging in genuine intelligence activities. Washington's lowering of the threshold for characterization of intelligence activities is a breach of the security of U.S. intelligence personnel overseas. As a big intelligence country, the US side should not be so fooled.

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