Report: Q3 block chain new projects total 36 down 71.88%

Report: Q3 block chain new projects total 36 down 71.88%

Original title: chain tower think tank: Q3 block chain new projects 36, down 71.88%

Bianews October 11, according to the third quarter of 2018 block chain industry research report, the number of new projects in the first three quarters of 2018 block chain showed a downward trend. A total of 197 new projects were added in the first quarter, and 128 new projects in the second quarter, a decrease of 35.02%. The total number of new projects in the third quarter totaled 36, a decrease of 71.88%.

Among them, there are 214 new projects in Asia, accounting for 85%, followed by North America, with 24 new projects accounting for 10%, 10 new projects in Europe, 2 new projects in Oceania and 5% in Europe and Oceania. China has the largest number of new projects, a total of 168, followed by Singapore, a total of 38 projects. North America is leading the United States, adding a total of 14 new projects.

Among the new block chain projects in China, Beijing still keeps the lead, adding 72 new projects, accounting for 43%, followed by Guangdong Province, a total of 26 new projects, accounting for 15%, followed by Shanghai, a total of 23 new projects, accounting for 14%. The first three add up 121 new projects, accounting for 72%. Hongkong and Zhejiang respectively added 12 projects and 9 projects, accounting for 7% and 5% respectively.

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