"Beauty loan" is not for beauty, your face is only for "loan" to take the money in your pocket.

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Original title: "beauty loan" is not for beauty, your face is only for "loan" to take the money in your pocket.

Reporter Jia Yuran Intern Aman Chang

Want to become beautiful, want to plastic surgery, but the bag is shy, how can we do this? "It doesn't matter. You don't have to worry about that. It doesn't matter if you have no money." Beauty plastic hospitals dare to play such a guarantee, where do they come from? Is it charity? Is there such a good thing? In fact, if you don't have the money, the cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital needs you to sign a contract with the loan company that the hospital is working with. The contract is complete, but it has to bear high interest costs.

Many students who don't have the financial resources have the courage to embark on the road of loan cosmetology. They think they can enjoy it first and then think about other things.

How can a person who has no job in his name easily borrow money without assets? Are there many people who choose beauty loans? On this issue, the Shanxi evening news reporter interviewed in recent days.

The advertisement says that only 998 yuan did not expect it to be a cover.

Xiaoguo, a beauty-loving girl in the provincial capital, saw an advertisement in a plastic surgery hospital in Taiyuan last August. The original price of Korean three-point double-eye surgery was more than 3,000 yuan. Now it is only 998 yuan because of the store celebration. This makes Xiao Guo, a freshman in the freshman year, very heartbeat. It can not only become expensive but also expensive.

Xiaoguo told Shanxi Evening News reporter, because she is a single eyelid small eyes, she has been very inferior, get up very early every day make-up, with double eyelid patch to make up for the shortcomings. "In fact, the idea of eyelid cutting has already sprouted, just to see the plastic surgery hospital store celebration activities, cost discounts." Guo said she was taken to a room by a staff member after she was accompanied by a plastic surgery hospital. "This is white doctor, you talk." The staff and Guo finished and left. Dr. Bai went straight to the point that Guo's eye foundation was so poor that he could not do 998 yuan in advertising. Doctor Bai looked at Xiaoguo again and said that her eyelids droop is very serious. If she wants to have double eyelids, she must do levator oculi muscle, open the corners of the eyes, and remove fat from the upper eyelids.

Dr. Bai needed more than 5,000 yuan to work out a surgical plan for Guo, who said he was still a student and had less than 3,000 yuan in total. "Dr. Bai told me with understanding that the hospital can handle the installment, first pay part of the money left to pay in installments." Guo said she did not want to know that Dr. Bai immediately contacted the people in the company to enter the room. The staff member calculates, 2800 yuan divides 6 months repayment, the interest needs 400 yuan many points.

Guo said that he can accept, "a person with my ID card and bank card in the mobile phone Wechat attention in the public number of bind users, soon got it, or even did not let me touch hands, is the person who got it for me." Subsequently, the staff of the staging company asked Xiaoguo to fill in her parents'and two friends' phone calls, and then told her that she would be asked several questions by phone and asked how she would respond. He said, "if you want to say that you have already worked, you earn about 3000 yuan a month." Otherwise, the phone rang, the other end of the phone asked if she would like to borrow 2,800 yuan, and now asked about the occupation and so on. Within two minutes of hanging up, the staff of the staging company said it had been approved, and then asked her to take a few pictures in the hall with her ID card. After paying the first payment, the blood will be ready for surgery immediately.

"The whole process is too fast to allow me to think about one thing after another." Xiaoguo and Shanxi Evening News reporters said, "Normally should be more than two hospitals, but a soft ear, on the impulse to consume, now say no regret is also false. Spend more money than others do not say that no one else's effect is good, then feel not expensive, not on a few hundred dollars a month, but also very difficult to return, frugal. After all, it's still a student. The money is deducted from the cost of life. Xiao Guo said.

Freshmen are mostly accompanied by parents. Plastic surgery is the most common choice.

University is a new environment, and has entered a new stage of growth and learning. Many unfamiliar faces will face everyone with a strange face. Many new students who are dissatisfied with their faces want to take advantage of this opportunity to make themselves quietly beautiful, and some parents will accompany their children to do micro-finishing.

"Children want to be beautiful, we do not mind, because the first impression of this society is very important, children grow up, have their own ideas we will support her." "At first, I was not very willing, but I could not help but keep on talking to her." "It's understandable that girls want to be beautiful. I want to do something with them." During the interview, several Freshmen's parents said so. Freshmen also believe that micro-cosmetic surgery is not a major operation, acceptable, that it is not only an improvement in appearance, but also a good way to build self-confidence.

Shanxi Evening News reporter interviews found that the choice of loans for plastic surgery are generally "old students", sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students, they do not have economic income, but rely on the parents to send monthly living expenses of this part of the cost. "So big, I'm sorry to ask the family for money, so I chose the loan." Xiao Li and the reporter of sophomore said. She just saw the online ads and thought she could be more perfect, but went to the plastic surgery hospital and found the price was much higher than she expected, so she had to borrow. Shanxi Evening News reporter asked why he didn't ask his parents for the money. Xiao Li said his parents thought they had been in school for two years. Everyone knew how they looked and it was not proper to do plastic surgery.

Several other students also said that their parents disapprove of their own plastic surgery, and that they also think they have the ability to do part-time jobs, make money to do what they want to do.

Cosmetic plastic loan is good, application age, income and so on are not matters.

On September 20, Shanxi Evening News reporters first inquired about rhinoplasty on the Internet, and left a phone call, less than half an hour, Wechat verification news and telephone received a lot. People who claimed to be consulting doctors have been inviting reporters to go to the store for detailed consultation on Wechat, and finally Shanxi Evening News reporters came to a large plastic surgery hospital in the provincial city.

Shanxi Evening News reporters came to the hospital, the front desk greeted reporters in a short break, sit down and wait for their names to go to the consulting room. After entering the consulting room, the reporter of Shanxi Evening News saw a young lady in it. She asked the reporter to call her Doctor Du. The Shanxi evening news reporter observed that her double eyelid was cut and the result was not good.

"What items do you want to do? Where are you dissatisfied? " Knowing that the reporter was not satisfied with part of his nose, the other side quickly worked out a set of surgical procedures, and told the Shanxi Evening News reporter a total of 55,000 yuan. Shanxi Evening News reporter questioned, in the advertisement to see augmentation rhinoplasty only 3800 yuan, how to calculate so expensive now? The other side explained, "You do a lot of projects, each of which we are clearly priced, and that's all."

In addition to 55 thousand yuan, the other side said that he had to pay 1800 yuan for anesthesia and 75 yuan for medical expenses. What can I do if I haven't prepared so much money? Doctor Du was still very enthusiastic when she heard that reporters were short of money. She said, "You're 23 years old. You can get a loan at 23." Hearing the reporter say that she is not yet 23 years old, she did not hesitate to say, "That's not a problem. We have several staging platforms here. If you are 23 years old, you can choose three staging companies. You are not 23 years old now, so only one staging company can borrow money." Dr Du immediately called the phased staff to ask how interest was counted.

Subsequently, she told the Shanxi Evening News reporter can handle the installment, if the loan 30,000 yuan 18 months to repay, a monthly need to return 1950 yuan, calculated interest is 5100 yuan. The reporter also asked Dr. du to ask 23 phased companies over the age of one. Calculate the two interest rates, one is 30,000 yuan 12 months, a month to return 2,670 yuan, the total interest is 2040 yuan. The other house is 30 thousand yuan for 12 months, 2750 yuan for a month, and 3000 yuan for interest. But the two families are not 23 years old. Shanxi Evening News reporter asked Dr. Du that his cousin over 23 years old, can you use her ID card agency, Dr. Du also called the staff of the staging company, the other side said yes.

Shanxi Evening News reporter visited several other plastic surgery hospitals and found that no matter what kind of plastic surgery, do more money plastic surgery can be staged, and a number of staging companies to choose. A plastic surgeon and a reporter from Shanxi Evening News said that there are many stages of plastic surgery. Generally, the stages are fat filling, nose synthesis, liposuction, and breast augmentation. Among them, the majority of students, because students do not have money to think of the United States, staging has become their first choice. Some office workers will choose installment loans.

At the same time, Shanxi Evening News reporter asked if there were any customers who did not return the money, he said: "very few, but a small number of people will not return, do not know whether there is no money or not willing to pay back. But don't worry, we have a debt collection company, if you don't pay the money will contact your family and friends, reputation is very bad, so don't default. If you don't pay for a long time, your credit will be damaged. "

Regular hospital costs are much less, but few people go to plastic surgery.

Shanxi Evening News reporter came to the first hospital of Shanxi Medical University burn plastic surgery department, hanging the number of Dr. Zhang. Shanxi evening news reporter asked Dr. Zhang whether the hospital can do augmentation rhinoplasty surgery, the answer is yes. According to the reporter of Shanxi Evening News, it is necessary to pay 10,000 yuan for materials and 5,000 yuan for surgery, and the maximum cost will not exceed 20,000 yuan. "There are not many people who do augmentation rhinoplasty, but there are many people who do double eyelids. The most common one is to repair the scars." Dr. Zhang and reporters said.

For surgery, preoperative examination is also necessary. "Take care of your diet one day before surgery, and don't smoke or drink." Dr. Zhang told the Shanxi evening news reporter.

Regular hospitals are relatively cheap, but there are still many people choose to go to plastic surgery hospitals, why? Shanxi Evening News reporter interviewed some young women randomly, basically can be divided into two parts, some people said that they do not know there are regular hospitals can do plastic surgery projects, and some people feel that these regular hospitals plastic surgery is not famous, the effect should not be good. Moreover, many respondents believe that the plastic surgery department of the formal hospital can do less than the specialized plastic surgery hospital, the project is relatively single, so if we want to do plastic surgery, we will go to the plastic surgery hospital. Only a small number of people indicated that they would go to the orthopedic department of a regular hospital.

The interest on beauty loans is much higher than bank interest.

Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from China Construction Bank that the annual interest rate of loans is 4.35%, 10,000 yuan loans a year interest rate of 237 yuan, other banks a year.

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