Online chattering and quick hands? Beware of being deceived!

Online chattering and quick hands? Beware of being deceived!

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, Oct. 11 (Reporter Zhou Ke) "Point praise a single 0.5-2 yuan, daily salary 80-150 yuan is no problem. Time is free, single quantity is unlimited, more work and more pay, wage day, no deposit, no fee. " Recently, Weixin group, QQ group appeared in the alleged recruitment jitter, quick-handed praise of the information, caused many netizens concern. Shenzhen police warned that this is a new type of part-time network scam similar to the "bill swindling" on Taobao. The scammer simply shifted his position from "Taobao" to "dithering" and other software in order to cheat money.

Police said that the job of such recruitment claims is to give business designated dithering, fast hands and other user works double-click praise, help popular works. But in practice, in order to deceive the deceived, fraudsters intentionally let them pay attention to a jitter signal, try to "brush" a single, and then in the name of avoiding membership fees for the deceived to send promotional information to other groups of "help publicity". In addition, if a temporary advance payment of 118 yuan to buy activation code, deceived people can enjoy lifelong VIP rights and interests. But after paying 118 yuan, the cheater will guide the deceived person into another group and pay other kinds of expenses.

Police said that in these fraud cases, criminals use the curiosity and greed of the deceived to attract fans through new popular "jitter", "fast hand", "watermelon video" App and other forms of payment by sweeping two-dimensional code, red packets, transfers, once fraudulent. Money is about to be deceived. From the former "express typist", "novel typist", "part-time swipe" to the present variety of "jitter point praiser", the pattern of the renovation of the routine is inseparable, in order to cheat money.

At the same time, the police warned that this kind of fraud has a large number of people, a wide range of dissemination, strong confusion, netizens to improve their self-awareness, do not trust "jitter" and "fast hand" short video platform with marketing, money and other nature of video, not to easily transfer money to the other side, if found to be cheated, immediately alarm. (finish)

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