* after the reservation of the flying pig, the hotel said there was no order for refund within 1 days and 80% Commission.

* after the reservation of the flying pig, the hotel said there was no order for refund within 1 days and 80% Commission.

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Original title: within 24 hours, the refund fee is as high as 80%? "Eleven" golden week online travel platform frequent complaints refund difficult

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 11 (Reporter Wei Donghua) Refund difficult goods on board, refund fees as high as 80%, the default "bundling" tie-in still exists... Just past the "eleven" golden week period, many consumers on some online travel platform (OTA) frequently "Tucao" hot debate on the Internet. Industry insiders believe that "off the charts" refund fees or even refusal to refund and other acts suspected of overlord clause, harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, consumers have reason to protect their rights.

Mr. Tian of Zhejiang reserved a room for Kell St. Garden Hotel in Xianyang on October 4th, -8 days later than the flying pig platform in September 26th. After paying $456, the refund was made on the evening of 27, due to a temporary change of schedule, but the platform only received a refund of 91.2 yuan, which charged up to 80% Commission.

Tian said that after consulting the hotel, he was told that he had not received his booking information. That is to say, flying pigs did not have the first time to help him to contact with the hotel after he booked the room. In this case, he charged 80% of the service charge. After communicating with the flying pig platform, the other side indicated that this is their regulation. Every order is generated with a refund reminder. "I have not enjoyed any service, and still charge such a high fee, is it reasonable?"

Reporters online search found that many consumers in the forum bar slot OTA platform refund problem, the fee collection standards vary, some even in full. * the reporter contacted the flying pig platform, customer service said, because each order is different agents, so every order refund rules are different, some order fees will be charged 80%, but the platform can not be unified.

According to the user complaint case database of the e-commerce research center under the electronic commerce research center, there are problems such as * elong, flying pigs, finding travel, visiting Paris and other platforms, and so on. In the case of high refund fees.

Meng Huixin, an assistant analyst at the Legal Rights Department of the E-commerce Research Center, said that according to the complaint cases, consumers who buy online tourism products, because of temporary emergencies or after arrival unsatisfied, believe that product publicity is obviously inconsistent, suspected of false publicity for refund, most platforms refuse to refund.

In fact, Article 25 of China's Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law lists exceptions to the return of goods without reason within 7 days of online transactions, and sets up a "bottom line" clause. Consumers have the right to return the goods within 7 days from the date of receipt, without giving reasons, except for those digital goods ordered by consumers, which are fresh and perishable, downloaded or unpacked online.

On July 16 this year, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the Notice on Improving the Service of Civil Aviation Ticketing. It explicitly proposed that airlines should set up a ladder refund rate system and prohibit OTA platforms from charging passengers extra fees in addition to the refund rate.

"All tickets must be" no reason to refund a ticket "is an undesirable overlord clause. Meng Huixin said, in fact, businessmen can imitate airline tickets, train tickets and other settings gradient refund rates, for the merchants do not affect the re-sale of the situation, or even completely do seven days without reason to refund.

Industry insiders say the high refund fee violates the principle of fair trade and damages the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. The terms of the high refund fee and special refund shall not be deemed invalid.

"For e-commerce platforms for life services, including online tourism platforms, it is not only necessary to clearly regulate and adhere to the bottom line, but also to focus on improving the quality of products and customer services, and enhance the overall strength from product management, service security, risk prevention and other aspects, so as to be in a rapidly changing industry. In the spring tide, we can stand steadily and go far. " Electronic commerce research center life service business analyst Chen Liteng said. (finish)

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