There are many ways to buy online shopping: some people are cheated on the first 8000 yuan.

There are many ways to buy online shopping: some people are cheated on the first 8000 yuan.

Someone opened a shop and the first business was cheated. Someone searched for a website to distribute papers for $eight thousand.

Police remind college students: these routines should be taken care of to avoid being deceived.

Author: Yang Jian

For cheaters, college students with a lack of social experience are one of their favorite goals.

No, recently, Baiyang police station has received two reports of college students being cheated. One of them met a fake customer, a fake customer service, and was cheated 3,000 yuan; the other was to find a website to distribute papers, but the papers were not issued, but lost 8,000 yuan.

Open shop to sell books

First, a business meets a cheat.

Less than a student from a university in Xiasha, he registered a shop for some time ago. "Mainly selling books, trying to start a business, and making some living expenses."

Before long, less than one hundred of the books came to the first guest in the store. At the time of payment, the other party suddenly contacted less than, said that the payment could not be completed, and suggested that he contact the customer service to ask.

When less than wondering, "customer service" takes the initiative to find the door. "He said I had to sign a security agreement to pay a deposit to open the store, or the buyer would not be able to pay."

Although there is some doubt in my mind, I think the first business is coming, less than I want to miss. Therefore, according to the "customer service" instructions, less than 3000 yuan in deposit, opened a variety of so-called "service".

The problem is solved, less than the buyer before the contact payment, but found that the other party has been unable to contact, the same automatic door-to-door "customer service" disappeared. At that time, he realized that he had been cheated.

Police caution: online shopping transactions do not exist without margin will not be able to pay the situation, such as encounter similar problems, can be contacted by the official customer service consultation, especially when it comes to money transactions, must be vigilant.

Search websites for papers

8000 yuan deposit has gone to the drain.

Xiao Zhao is a graduate, because graduation needs to publish papers in the journal, he then found a web site to distribute papers.

"Their website advertises that they can publish papers in the core journals of well-known colleges and universities, and the price is not too high." After thinking about it, Xiao Zhao contacted the editor of the website. Upon arrival, the "Li Editor" sent Xiao Zhao cases of successful publication by other users before.

"He said it's full now and it's not going to be published until a month at the earliest. Let me make a decision as soon as possible." The other side told Xiao Zhao that the deposit should be paid 8000 yuan before the paper was published, and the remaining part should be paid after publication.

Looked at the other side very professional appearance, Xiao Zhao did not suspect, directly transferred the money to the past. After waiting for more than a month with great expectation, Xiao Zhao couldn't help but contact Editor Li for inquiry. He found that the other party had already pulled him into the black.

"Money is cheated do not say, the key is to delay the time I published papers, or will affect the graduation." Xiao Zhao regretted that he had been cheated.

Police reminded: if you want to publish a paper, the best way to publish, before publication can go to the General Administration of Press and Publication to inquire about the name of the publication, remember that the regular distribution website, are received in the publication notice after the verification of manuscript deposit, and after receiving the magazine to pay the balance.

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