Drunk passengers accidentally left 150 thousand of the cash on the same night.

Drunk passengers accidentally left 150 thousand of the cash on the same night.

Original title: drunk passengers accidentally leave 150 thousand cash left in Xi'an overnight

In the early morning, the passengers left 150,000 yuan in cash on the bus. The mobile phone payment record shows that the driver's net name is the license plate number. In the end, less than two hours later, the brothers returned to their owners.

At about 0:20 on September 22, a male and a female passenger of Xi'an Xunda motorcade took the bus to Xi'an South Street. Master Kong first took the female passenger to Jiandong Street, and then the male passenger to Guang'an Road. After the passenger got off, Master Kong took a passenger from Guang'an Road to Xishamen.

At about 1:00 a.m., Mr. Zhang left his bag with 150,000 cash in the back seat when he got off the train because he felt dizzy after drinking. When he got home, he didn't feel right. After careful consideration, he didn't take the money on the bus or ask for a ticket. "In the evening, my friend and I talked about business and reached a cooperation intention. My friend paid me 150 thousand cash." Mr. Zhang, who is very anxious, opened the WeChat mobile payment. He saw that the owner's net name was written on the license plate number. With a temptation to try, he called Xi'an Schindler Taxi Co., Ltd., which owns the car, and immediately contacted the owner when the company received the news.

Around 1:30, near the West gate, Master Kong received a phone call from the company: "A passenger contacted the convoy and said it might have left 150,000 yuan in your back seat." After hearing the news, Kong Master immediately stopped by the roadside to check it. He found that there was a bag on his seat. He first took the passengers to the destination, then opened the bag left behind in the back seat and confirmed that it was 150 thousand yuan in cash.

At this point, Master Kong stopped operating, called the company, told Mr. Zhang to go to the public security bus sub-bureau, he also quickly drove to.

At 2, police officers in the bus sub Bureau witnessed the return of the wallet to the owner.

In addition, at about 14:00 on September 24, Master Chen Yifu, a taxi driver from the West City Taxi Company, pulled a male passenger from the North Railway Station to the Weiqu Toll Station. When he arrived at his destination, the passengers paid for the taxi and hurried off. In the course of operation, Master Chen suddenly found a suitcase in the back row. Master Chen immediately abandoned the operation and sent the suitcase to the bus bureau. The police counted the box, which contained 50 thousand yuan in cash and other items. At 17 o'clock, Mr. Zhang, the owner of Ankang, came to the bus department to retrieve his lost box.

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