AB and A gave birth to O type of blood baby, misunderstood the original father is AB subtype blood.

AB and A gave birth to O type of blood baby, misunderstood the original father is AB subtype blood.

Original title: AB and A born O type of blood baby almost misunderstood the original father is rare AB subtype blood

According to genetic law, the blood type of parents is AB and A, the blood type of the baby born will not be O generally, but Xi'an has such an accident, the couple almost misunderstood.

Recently, the Department of Pediatrics of Tangdu Hospital received a 48-hour-old baby girl who came to see the doctor because of jaundice. "Generally newborns born 4-6 days after birth is the peak period of jaundice, this newborn birth time is short, jaundice index is high, has exceeded the normal physiological jaundice index." Pediatrician Lin Yan said that soon the child was admitted to hospital for examination, for neonatal pathological jaundice, the first need to consider whether there is maternal and infant blood group incompatibility caused. Subsequently, the doctor in the neonatal hemolysis test of children found that the baby's father is AB blood, the mother is A blood, the baby is O blood. The examination results not only made doctors dare not believe, but also made parents feel silly. Once they suspected that they had the wrong child.

The blood type of the baby and mother was checked before. Dad used to check it in his old home. In order to let things come to light, the hospital for his father's blood type again after a detailed examination found that the original, although the father's blood type is AB blood, but the B antigen is very weak, and the blood has anti-B antibodies, that is, the father is AB blood, in the medical field than "panda blood" is rare. It can also be simply considered that the father is type A blood, while type A and type A blood can produce O type of blood.

The reason was found, and the misunderstanding of the family was lifted, and the treatment of the child was carried out smoothly. At the same time, because early detection of the baby's father is not ordinary AB blood but AB subtype, and then if the need for blood transfusion, there will be no wrong situation.

Doctors say it's hard to say what type of blood the baby will have in the future. It is reported that there are many reasons for the inconsistency between positive and negative ABO blood group typing, of which subtypes are the most difficult to identify. This is a weak phenotype determined by genetic genes, such as subtype B, which is often misjudged because of the small number of B antigens carried by red blood cells, weak reactions with anti-B antibodies, or even no agglutination. Type O, especially in the neonatal period, erythrocyte surface antigen dysplasia, only about 20% of adults, so the blood type may be uncertain at this time. The blood type of children is likely to change with age and antigenicity. "This case also shows that you can't judge a child's genetic relationship from a simple blood group system, which is also unscientific." The doctor said. (Chinese businessman reporter Li Lin)

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