Zhu Jun's sexual harassment case will be charged against a girl in court.

Zhu Jun's sexual harassment case will be charged against a girl in court.

Original Title: Whether Zhu Jun's Suspected Sexual Harassment Case is True or Not

CCTV host Zhu Jun's suspicion of "sexual harassment" ushered in new progress, Zhu Jun initiated a lawsuit against his wife for the infringement of his right of reputation, while the woman filed a lawsuit for "sexual harassment infringement of his right of personality" and applied to the court for evidence that had been reported after the incident. Hope to get the final result through court trial.

Two months after the silence of CCTV anchor Zhu Jun, new progress has been made. On September 25, 25-year-old Xiangzi received a petition from Zhu Jun for infringing Zhu Jun's right of reputation by publishing a circular letter with her friends about her sexual harassment. Meanwhile, the article was seen by Xu Chao, a 80 girl student, and later released at sina micro-blog. The two men were charged $650,000 and were asked to publicly apologize in the newspapers. The online apology lasted no less than 90 days.

Xianzi and Xu Chao expressed the same hope to use judicial power to find out the truth about Zhu Jun's suspected sexual harassment. While receiving Zhu Jun's complaint, Xianzi submitted the complaint to Haidian Court on the grounds of Zhu Jun's sexual harassment and infringement of his personality rights, and applied to the court for evidence that had been reported after the incident and for Zhu Jun to appear in court himself.

It is reported that in October 25th, the court will exchange evidence for Zhu Jun's prosecution of Zi Zi and Xu Chao. Whether sexual harassment is committed by Zhu Jun is expected to usher in the final outcome as the case progresses.

Zhu Jun complained of serious mental damage.

At 5:17 in the morning of July 26th, a string of essays was written and released in WeChat's circle of friends. Xianzi recalls that four years ago, when she was an intern on CCTV's "Art Life" program group, she was in a dressing room, with the door open and the outside people coming and going. She was not on guard inside the door. Zhu Jun suddenly mentioned his various powers, "including'letting you stay on TV'. In the absence of any affiliation with me, he became more and more enthusiastic. Excited, I began to try to indecent myself with my clothes, without regard to my pushing. Just when the guest Yan Weiwen came in, she was able to escape.

Xianzi told Caijing that four years ago, on the second day after the incident, she chose to call the police, but then she could not. Later, her parents were put under pressure and promised to stop talking about it. Xianzi said that four years later, published in his circle of friends, mainly to see a sister posting a review of his rape, the other side had encouraged her after the incident, shortly after the publication of the circle of friends, the article spread online, "hot on the search, was withdrawn."

The article was transmitted to micro-blog by unknown Xu Chao. Xu Chao told Caijing that as a woman who had experienced sexual harassment during her growing up and working life, she was concerned about the progress of every sexual harassment incident. She said it was an incident in which the victim chose to call the police and was accepted after the incident, and only after considering the article did she post it on Sina Weibo.

Yin Songqi, a lawyer from Beijing Xingquan Law Firm, accepted Zhu Jun's Commission and issued a lawyer's statement on August 15. The statement said that a large number of false information related to "Zhu Jun's sexual harassment (indecent) interns" appeared on the network. The information was first published anonymously on a non-real-name-authenticated microblog, and then forwarded rashly by many network users and media without investigation and verification, and quickly fermented on the network. On September 26, Yin Songqi told Caijing reporter by telephone that the case was not authorized by the party concerned, and she could not accept the interview. The reporter of Caijing called Zhu Jun again. The other party hung up after hearing that it was a reporter.

In order to defend his rights and interests, Zhu Jun sued Beijing Weimengchuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of the microblogging platform, for requiring it to disclose the true identity of the users of the microblogging articles. After obtaining the true identity information of the poster, Zhu Jun sued Xianzi, Xuchao and Weimeng for deleting the articles involved and claimed 650,000 yuan from Xianzi and Xuchao, including 500,000 yuan for mental damage.

Zhu Jun believes that the article about Zhu Jun's sexual harassment intern is out of thin air, seriously untrue, and has a serious character of personality derogation, which is enough to plunge him into the criticism and blame of the mainstream values of society. In fact, he has been "accused and abused by a large number of Internet users who do not know the truth, and the social evaluation has been rigorous. The public image is severely damaged.

Zhu Jun also said that he was a public figure with high social concern. Once such content was published, Xiangzi and Xu Chao should know that he was suspected of serious infringement of Zhu Jun's right of reputation, which caused him "serious mental damage".

The parties apply for the transfer of evidence in the year.

To Zhu Jun's indictment, Xu Chao and his agent told Caijing that they believed the court would try the case fairly, "thank Zhu Jun and his agent for bringing the case into judicial proceedings and restoring the truth of the case through judicial proceedings." In addition, they will apply to the court for evidence. Four years ago, Xiangzi accompanied his teachers and classmates to the police station to report to the police.

On September 25, when the court notified him to receive a copy of the indictment, Xiangzi and his lawyer were submitting the indictment against Zhu Jun in the Haidian District Court. Xianzi filed a claim for 60,000 yuan, including 50,000 yuan for spiritual consolation, on the grounds that Zhu Jun's sexual harassment infringed upon his personality rights. The actress said that she had chosen to defend her rights in a civil way because no result had been reported. The lawyer originally suggested that the spiritual pension should be set at one dollar, but she believed that sexual harassment should be punished reasonably, and then the lawyer gave an amount of advice. "If the case is successful, I would like to donate all the compensation to other women in need of help in cases of sexual harassment."

Wang Fei, attorney of Beijing Zebo Law Firm, said the petition had been filed and the court had not answered the question on the spot.

The Civil Procedure Law stipulates that if a court receives a complaint and finds that it meets the requirements for prosecution, it shall file a case within seven days.

Wang Fei said Zhu Jun himself was in court when they applied to the court to open the court while filing the complaint. "The incident happened in a closed dressing room. Only the client could tell what happened in the dressing room. The agent could not tell the details of the incident. Xianzi himself is willing to appear in court to tell the story, but also hope that the other party can appear in court, and the details of the case to respond to and receive inquiries in order to find out the truth. Xianzi and Wang Fei also applied to the court for evidence. "The reporting materials at that time were crucial evidence." In addition, they applied to the court to hear the case publicly.

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