Taiwan's first seat "Taiwan independence" molecules to commemorate the opening of the park, Taiwan Affairs Office response

Taiwan's first seat

Original title: the island's first "commemorating Taiwan independence" park has been put into use by the Taiwan Affairs Office.

Overseas Network, September 26 - The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference on the morning of September 26 to respond to recent hot spots.

The first park on the island with the theme of "commemorating the Taiwanese independence" Huang Zhaotang was officially put into use a few days ago. Chen Ju and others attended the opening ceremony. What is the comment of the spokesman?

Spokesman Anfeng Shan said that the so-called "monumental biography" for the "Taiwan independence" elements has once again exposed the true face of the DPP politicians supporting and indulging "Taiwan independence". I would like to emphasize that "Taiwan independence" is an impassable "cut-off road" that will only bring the people of Taiwan into the abyss of disaster.

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The Taiwan Affairs Office held a news conference to respond to the US arms sales to Taiwan.

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