There are three new people left in one year: the most embarrassing teacher is a counselor.

There are three new people left in one year: the most embarrassing teacher is a counselor.

Original title: Ten new counselors, a year later there are three counselors left: the most embarrassing College "teacher"?

In colleges and universities, they are "nannies" concerned about students'physical and mental life; they are "golden oil" to help students solve every aspect of their daily problems; they are called "teachers", but many people can not get on the stage, identity "embarrassed". They are college counselors, a group often misunderstood.

"24 hours online housekeeper"

At 11:00 p.m. on Friday, Li Mu, a counselor of an independent college in Yunnan Province, was still answering a student's phone call. "We will carry out it fairly and impartially according to the school documents, and there will never be any backdoor or pulling relationship. Please be assured." Li Mu told reporters with a bitter smile that during this period of time to conduct comprehensive assessment and poor students identified, some students worried about injustice, often asked.

"Welcome new students, take military training, visit dormitories, and fill in dozens of forms per day." Speaking of recent work, Zhu Dan, a counselor at Yunnan University, is making fun of himself as a "cousin".

"Counselors are like big housekeepers. Everything must be managed." Zeng Hui, a college counselor in Guangzhou, said he was late for class check, left early, went to bed at night and did not return home at night. He organized activities on weekends, not to mention paying close attention to students'ideological trends and psychological state.

In this regard, Li Mushen felt the same: "From the student dormitory to change beds to graduate leave school counselors to sign, midnight encountered students sick, fighting and other sudden problems, but also the first time to deal with."

Half-month talk reporter learned that 24-hour mobile phone is the basic requirement of counselors, many people call themselves "24-hour online housekeeper": "students do not go to bed at night, we are frightened; know that there are students sick, even more nervous than their own illness."

"Counselors should be both theoretical educators and student thinkers; in case of emergency, they are the first-line practitioners; in case of psychological problems, students should be good psychologists." Zhang Yongjun, deputy director of the Student Affairs Department of Yunnan University, said.

No class teachers, no paid cadres.

According to the Regulations on the Construction of College Counselors promulgated by the Ministry of Education in 2017, the duties of counselors include ideological and theoretical education and value guidance, Party and League and class construction. But in reality, many counselors do much more than that.

Survey counselors generally reflect that, in addition to their own work, they also have to shoulder a number of school or department burdens, Party branches, Youth League committees, trade unions have to contribute to the task. "Dormitory allocation, receipt of water and electricity cards to counselors to come out, even clean up dormitory assets require us to a number of benches to move." Ceng Hui said.

The Ministry of Education stipulates that the ratio of college counselors to students is no less than 1:200, but some colleges and universities are difficult to achieve. Li Muping has to bring more than 400 students. It takes a lot of time to visit a student dormitory once a week.

"The embarrassment is that counselors belong to teachers but do not attend classes, it is difficult to get real respect from students." Peng Yue, counselor of a higher vocational college in Hunan (not his real name), said: "The work of students'evaluation of excellence, advanced evaluation and Party membership belongs to the field where contradictions are concentrated. Once the students are in doubt, the first question is the counselor.

Half a month to talk about reporters learned that some college counselors can neither be like a teacher to evaluate titles, nor can they enjoy the administrative cadres of the job treatment, identity in Colleges and universities "embarrassing". "Outside recognition is not high, colleagues often misunderstand us." A counselor said. Although he has worked for six years, Li Mu still has no position and title, and his monthly income of more than 5,000 yuan makes him afraid to buy a house.

Under multiple pressures, the team of counselors is very mobile, many people can not work for a few years to leave or change jobs. Only three of the 13 counselors who worked with Li Mu in the same year are now holding fast; at Peng Yue's school, only three of the 10 new counselors recruited in 2017 have been left a year later.

Is the Counselor's "spring" still far away?

A close reading of the Regulations on the Construction of Counselors in Colleges and Universities will reveal a series of clear and promising provisions: to ensure that counselors are qualified for their work, have a platform for their work, have a guaranteed salary, and have room for development, so as to promote the professionalization of counselors; a separate plan for the evaluation and employment of full-time counselors; and Single set criteria, separate reviews... How do these regulations draw the "spring" of instructors' sense of gain?

Some localities and institutions have implemented or explored ways to create conditions for the development of counselors. Fudan University took the lead in building a "two-line promotion" development path, giving priority to the selection of cadres with first-line counselors'work experience; Yunnan University will soon launch a special evaluation of counselors' titles and ranks...

"Now the Counselor's treatment and platform is still improving." Zhu Dan took three courses. Now a lecturer, she is studying for a doctoral degree. Her confidence and expectation of counselors'work have gradually accumulated.

However, there are still some places and schools where the regulations of the Ministry of education are difficult to land. Li Mu said that in peacetime business work too much, and the school title evaluation requirements are too high, they simply can not reach.

Zeng Hui lamented that although the school has opened up a special technical channels for counselors to participate with teachers, but counselors in addition to a few papers, scientific research projects are almost incomplete. Therefore, although counselors can participate in the assessment, their actual competitiveness is limited.

Ding Jiayong, a professor of Hunan Normal University, pointed out that college counselors are confronted with the perplexities of career orientation and personal development. It is urgent for colleges and universities to adjust and optimize the assessment and evaluation system, cultivate and develop the mechanism, and better respond to the actual needs of counselors in terms of salary and promotion. (half moon reporter Bai Jingli Xie Ying Wu Zhendong)

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