Man late night crazy break 22 tires suspected of provocation trouble detention

Man late night crazy break 22 tires suspected of provocation trouble detention

Original title: man late night crazy break 22 tires

Chutian Metropolis Daily News (reporter Ye Wenbo correspondent Luo Weizhou) the man tied up 22 tires late at night. Recently, police in Hongshan, Wuhan, arrested the suspect Lu and arrested him in accordance with the law.

On September 18, the police station of Wuhan Railway Station of Hongshan Public Security Bureau received a number of alarms from private car owners. Many private car tires parked on the roadside were punctured artificially. The police rushed to the scene for disposal. According to statistics, a total of 12 private cars and 22 tyres were artificially cracked. Police at Wuhan Railway Station checked the video and found that a young man drove a white car to the scene to commit a crime in the early hours of September 18, but because of the poor video effect and the huge traffic flow, trying to find out which car is the same as a needle in a haystack. The witty police sent the blurred monitoring video to the "Maintenance Management Wechat Group" in the area under the jurisdiction of the station police station, and asked the repairman to help identify it. The mechanic identified the car as a Geely car.

The case police finally locked the vehicle and owner of the crime. After more than 30 hours of squatting, the police arrested the suspect in the East and West Lakes in the afternoon of September 20th. Lumou explained that on September 17 at 11:40 p.m., he found no one in the street by way of the site of the crime, so he picked up the screwdriver in the car and tied the tire, tied more than 10 cars and left the scene. At present, Lu Mou was arrested on suspicion of provocation and trouble.

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