People's Daily Overseas Edition: "Hong Kong Independence" has no soil in Hongkong.

People's Daily Overseas Edition:

Original title: "Hong Kong Independence" does not have soil in Hongkong

"Heaven and earth are reasonable and reasonable!"

The 24 day of the Hongkong SAR Government gazetted the operation of the "Hongkong Independence Party" organization in accordance with the law. The Hong Kong and Macau Office of the State Council, the Hong Kong Joint Office of China and the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong have issued statements expressing their support. All sectors of Hong Kong society have fully welcomed the decision of the SAR Government to be constitutional, legitimate and justified. The ban on the "Hong Kong Nationalist Party" reflects the aspirations of the public and is conducive to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. It is necessary, timely and effective. Forceful action.

In a joint statement, 34 members of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region pointed out that the "Hong Kong Nationality Party" not only disseminated the idea of "Hong Kong independence" through their speeches, but also took substantive actions to implement its "Hong Kong independence" program, including the application for registration and establishment of a company, the incorporation of the "Hong Kong independence" program into the articles of association of the company and the implementation of a "China-China" program for young people. Learn from the political enlightenment program, and write to foreign governments to promote the idea of "Hong Kong independence" to the international level. The claims and actions put forward by the "Hong Kong Nationality Party" have seriously violated the Constitution, the Basic Law of Hong Kong and the laws of Hong Kong.

"The whole process is impeccable." The chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Lo Jin-chin, said that since the founding of the "Hong Kong Nationality Party", the SAR government has been asked to ban it. Today, the HKSAR government, under the laws of the Hong Kong, prohibits the operation of the party and is bound to receive the support of the public. For the sake of procedural justice, the SAR government once granted a petition period to the "Hong Kong Nationality Party" and has now completed its constitutional work, which is a manifestation of respect for the rule of law.

In a statement, the Hong Kong Law Exchange Foundation cited evidence from the "Hong Kong Nationalist Party" advocating "Hong Kong independence". They believe that in Hong Kong law, "national security" is a clear legal term. According to the relevant provisions of the Association Ordinance, "national security" refers to the protection of the territorial integrity and independence of the People's Republic of China. Any act or speech advocating or promoting the separation of the HKSAR from the People's Republic of China will undermine the territorial integrity of the People's Republic of China or threaten national security. The "Hong Kong Nationality Party" has always advocated "Hong Kong independence", including incitement to violence, and even participation in and liaison with overseas subversive and terrorist forces. The orders made by the Secretary for Security are entirely based on facts and have sufficient evidence to support them.

"Heaven and earth are reasonable and reasonable!" Tan Huizhu, deputy director of the Hong Kong Basic Law Commission, said that the Hong Kong Nationality Party had been banned by the Hong Kong Association Ordinance with sufficient justification. In addition to more than 700 pages of evidence listed by the police, the Convenor of the Hong Kong Nationality Party still went to a foreign press conference to promote "Hong Kong independence" after receiving the notification. His remarks seriously harmed the interests of Hong Kong and the country. The Security Bureau issued a ban.

"Resolutely say no to" Hong Kong Independence ".

"The prohibition of the"Hong Kong Nationality Party"in violation of the Basic Law by the Security Bureau is in full conformity with the provisions of the Basic Law and the local laws of the HKSAR. It is a legitimate, reasonable and factual decision. It is not inconsistent with the freedom of speech and association in Hong Kong, nor is there any political repression." In a joint statement, the chairman of the 18 District Councils of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) expressed his firm opposition to all claims and acts of secession, zero tolerance for the idea of "Hong Kong independence" and all acts of secession. Freedom of speech and association is guaranteed by the basic law of Hong Kong, but not without restrictions. When it goes beyond the social bottom line and endangers national security, It must be stopped.

"(`Hong Kong Nationalist Party') This act is a flagrant challenge to the authority of the Constitution and the basic law, and a wanton trample on `one country, two systems'! We resolutely tolerate zero tolerance for such acts that endanger national security and harm Hongkong's prosperity and stability. Yu Guochun, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the Federation of Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Societies, said that seeking stability and development is the common vision of the vast majority of Hong Kong citizens. The rampant words and deeds of the "Hong Kong independence" of the "Hong Kong Nationality Party" in recent years seriously violate the basic law, undermine the "one country, two systems" and are rejected by the mainstream society in Hong Kong.

He called on the people of Hong Kong to shine their eyes, act strictly in accordance with the Constitution and the basic laws, draw a clear line with illegal associations, understand that anyone who advocates "Hong Kong independence" should be responsible for their own words and deeds, provide a positive social environment for the healthy growth of young people, consciously assume constitutional responsibility, and actively integrate into the community. The state will develop the overall situation and resolutely say no to the "Hong Kong Independence".

"The business community absolutely opposes the act of" Hongkong National Party "splitting the country. Cai Zhizhong, chairman of the Hong Kong Professional Real Estate Advisory Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Eastern District Federation of Commerce and Industry, said that Hong Kong's success depends on a stable and harmonious business environment to become a world-renowned international business center. The provocation of "Hong Kong independence" to "one country, two systems" and its impact on national interests are very unfavorable to Hong Kong.

He said that Hong Kong had enjoyed a high degree of democracy and maintained its people's well-being and work. We should focus on improving the quality of life of Hong Kong citizens rather than dividing the country. The government banned the operation of the "Hongkong Nationalist Party" in Hongkong, and the business community recognized and supported it.

In addition, Tan Huizhu and Tan Yaozong, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said that in order to eradicate the advocacy of "Hong Kong independence" by various individuals or associations, it is necessary to legislate as soon as possible for Article 23 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong, to deal with the connotation, rules and provisions of the split country in detail after social discussion and local legislation, and to further clarify them. Legal norms.

"In the best interests of the public"

Newspapers in Hongkong also published comments in support of the decision of the SAR government. "Wen Hui Bao" editorial pointed out that President Xi Jinping stressed in his important speech during his July 1 visit to Hong Kong last year that "any activities that endanger national sovereignty and security, challenge the authority of the central authority and the basic law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and use Hong Kong to infiltrate and destroy the mainland are touching the bottom line. It is absolutely impermissible that the "Hong Kong Nationalist Party" has seriously touched the bottom line. The SAR government has forbidden its operation and firmly guarded the national security and the bottom line of "one country, two systems". This shows that the SAR government has a firm stand, a clear attitude, no refuge, no failure to live up to the expectations of the Central Committee and has won a wide range of achievements in the fight against "Hong Kong independence". The general public warmly supported.

"Any organization or individual who is interested in the long-term development of Hong Kong will support the decision of the Security Council. "Hong Kong 01" commented that "Hong Kong independence" may cause extremely negative social impact, the government has the responsibility to resolutely prohibit. The "Hong Kong Nationality Party" and its pigeon's robe secretly seek political gain and self-interest, fearing death and reactions, and behave badly. The banning of the "Hong Kong Nationality Party" marks a clear red line for the healthy development of "one country, two systems" and enables political discussions to return to rationality.

Commentators of the Hong Kong Business Daily said that the characterization of the "Hong Kong Nationality Party" as an "illegal organization" in accordance with the law is of great significance to safeguarding "one country, two systems" and the basic law of Hong Kong, fully demonstrating the illegal nature of "Hong Kong independence" and the fact that "Hong Kong independence" does not have half an inch of living space in Hong Kong. The lack of support for "Hong Kong independence" and the participation of "Hong Kong independence" organizations highlight the fact that Hong Kong citizens sneer at "Hong Kong independence" and that "Hong Kong independence" has no soil to grow in Hong Kong.

"Adhering to the basic constitutional principles of safeguarding national unity and security is also in the best interests of the public." The Sing Tao Daily editorial argues that in order to effectively curb "Hong Kong independence", the government must take decisive action to ban the "Hong Kong Nationalist Party" is only the first step. In the future, it should continue to treat other organizations that openly advocate "Hong Kong independence" strictly in accordance with the law, so that their members and supporters know clearly that if they are still fearless and wanton. If you break the law, you will pay a heavy price for it.

The announcement of the ban on the operation of the "Hong Kong Nationalist Party" coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. In response, Chan Chuo-hsi, the principal of the Hong Kong Professional and Continuing Education School, said that the announcement of the decision at this time was meaningful and just showed that Hong Kong could work with the country to safeguard its sovereign integrity, unity and unity. It is hoped that through this incident, young people will understand that it is no good for anyone to preach that "Hong Kong independence" has gone beyond freedom of speech.

(Hongkong, September 25)

Editor in chief: Zhang Yan

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